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Adam Piatek Interview

After a banging web edit, 16 years old Adam Piatek now has an interview up on the Macneil site, where he talks about his favorite riders, his favorite park to ride, his current Kiraly whip and more.

Making Kink “Squash It”

Defgrip asked Ben Hittle, Sean Sexton, Aaron Smith, Darryl Tocco, Lloyd Wright, Dan Coller, Tony Hamlin and Chris Doyle to remember one of the most memorable moment from filming for the new Kink “Squash It” DVD.

Tony Neyer Interview

Ride BMX posted an interview with Tony Neyer to talk about what he has been up to lately, the move into a new place, Danps Comp, trip, Primo, future plans for this year and more. Go read it if you wanna know more about Tony.

Paying The Bills With Lino Gonzalez

Watch this video interview ESPN made with Animal Bikes pro rider Lino Gonzalez, where he discuses riding for money, companies dropping team member and sponsorship in general. One tip, ride for fun and not for money.

Karl Poynter Signature Ezra Seat Interview

Ezra made an interview with tech wizard Karl Poynter about his signature seat. Read it and you will get pretty much everything you need to know about the seat, from the first sketch, design, materials and more. The black and white version looks stylish to me.

Mellon 7’s – Jordan Aleppo

We are back with a new quick Mellon 7’s interview. This time we caught up with Bexhill, UK based rider Jordan Aleppo. He had a pretty bad back injury some time ago and has a good sense of humor, so read it after the jump and watch his latest Stay Strong web edit.
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Animal “What’s Good With” Jared Washington

Animal Bikes dropped a new What’s Good With interview, this time with Jared Washington and his brand new 2013 Ferrari. Make your way over there to find out what he has been up to lately and a story behind the red Ferrari.

Simone Barraco Video Interview

During the Simple Session 2013 Red Bull caught up with a pretty tired Simone Barraco (yes, well all know how wild parties in Tallinn, Estonia during the even are), to talk about filming for Subrosa’s newest DVD, the SS 13 course, why he didn’t put out that much edits in 2012 and more.
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BMX Trivia – Kyle Baldock Vs Harry Main

Monster Energy teammates Kyle Baldock and Harry Main found themselves in a new episode of Alli Sports’ Head2Head series. It was a tight one, but if you wanna find who won and got the most answers right, you need to watch it above.
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Behind Ride BMX, Issue 190 Cover With Ryan Fudger

Here is a quick behind shooting the cover of the 190th issue of the Ride BMX magazine edit with Ryan Fudger, talking about Stevie Churchill’s massive truck driver, pulled at this wild spot in Arizona.