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Mellon 7’s – Michael Beran

Right after the Simple Session we caught up with silver finalist Michael Beran to get our seven questions answered. Michael is a very busy man, so this is just a quick one that won’t take you long. Read it after the jump.
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Sergio Layos’ Road To Recovery

Back in June, 2012 Fly Bikes’ Sergio Layos crash really badly, what lead him to a broken tibia and fibula, while filming a 360. Now, Fly Bikes dropped an update how he is doing and also a few photos from the recovery process. He is still working hardly to get back on his bike 100% recovered and I am sure that will happen very soon.

Alli “My Five” – AJ Anaya

If you watched the Simple Session 2012 you’ve seen AJ Anaya boosting some sick moves, but Alli Sports are now here, dropping a My Five edit with him talking about his favorite car, his funniest person, his first kiss and more along with some stunts over trails.
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Mellon 7’s – Nick Noble

For this week’s Mellon 7’s interview we caught up with Rodeo, California based rider and Ramp Rats Bike & Skatepark employee Nick Noble. Find out what is his opinion about the BMX community, what was his worst injury and more after the jump.
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Alli “My Five” – Kyle Baldock

This is the latest installment in Alli Sports’ My Five video interviews, featuring Kyle Baldock. They caught up with him at the JC Compound to talk about stuff he collects, his favorite animal and more and filmed some insanity. The truck to footjam to nose tap was so sick.
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Animal Shop Spotlight – J&R Bicycles

Animal is back with another installment in their Shop Spotlight. This time they caught up with guys over at the J&R Bicycles in Largo, Florida. Make your way over to their page if you wanna find out a little more about the shop.

Jim Newrick “The Antiques Dealer” Interview

I am constantly thinking what other people do for living and if BMX riders do anything else besides riding BMX. Now I got one answer up on Savakas, Jim Newrick is an antiques dealer and if you wanna know more about how he got into business, read an interview they made with him.

Catching Up With Anthony Napolitan

Alli Sports recently caught up with Anthony Napolitan, while in New Zealand, to talk about his move to California, his ankle injury and his plans and project for 2013. They also shot a few rad trails moves for you to get stoked.
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Terrible One – Freaky Friday – Ruben Alcantara Interview

Yesterday’s Terrible One’s Freaky Friday was/is about Ruben Alcantara and his Facebook interview. Find the interview after the jump and read about Ruben’s style, his favorite Spanish motorcycle racer, beer and much more.
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Bruce Crisman Interview And Bike Check

Ride BMX has a good interview up on their page along with a bike check with 33 years old Bruce Crisman. Check out his current whip and read answers on questions about his sponsor 2Hip, spending time with Ron Wilkerson, Facad, Shola and much more.-