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Terry Adams – History In The Making

Here is a rad one. Bobby Carter from Diversion Television sat down with Terry Adams in his backyard flatland spot to take a look back ten years and talk about some of the highlights from events and other project that happened to date. Along with that, there is plenty of amazing old footage of Terry for a good measure.
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6 Questions With Mike Curley

Wethepeople dropped a quick, 6 questions interview, with Mike Curley, about filming, getting angry if trick takes forever to pull, web edits or DVDs that get him pumped on riding and more.

Nigel Sylvester Breaks Magazine Interview

There is a great interview over on the Breaks Magazine web site made with Nigel Sylvester, where he talks about the Pyradice, Brooklyn Machine Works, Pharrell and more. Heave a read, because it is a good one.

Remembering X With Kevin Porter

Usually riders have good memories about X Games and their first X experiences, but with Kevin Porter things went completely in the other direction. First he could go on a plane with a bike, second, when he managed to get on a plane his bike got lost, third he crashed really badly trying out a 360 turndown to tailwhip on a Ruben Alcantara bike and fourth, when already being cut from the dirt and all destroyed his bike showed up. That sucks.

Dakota Roche Talking Street Riding After Injury + Riding

Back in 2012 Dakota Roche went under the knife and he is now back in the game, fully recovered and already murdering street spots. Here is a pretty rad one with him, where he talks a little about the knee injury, how it happened, but is focused more on the street riding. Along the interview there are plenty of good clips filmed at street spots around Orange County, California and also a few clips from the San Francisco Dew Tour street style contest.
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From Zack Yankush To Catfish

All you who are following Zack Yankush aka Catfish on social media know that he is spending a lot of time in Estonia lately. Recently Monster Energy caught up with him to chat about his love for Estonia, BMX scene over there, his personal favourite riders at the moment and more.

Animal Bikes “Shop Spotlight” – Kings Rideshop

Animal caught up with people over at the Kings Rideshop in Palm Desert, California for their newest installment in the “Shop Spotlight” series, to talk about the shop, why carrying Animal and more. Read the interview now.

Cult X The Simpsons Collaboration

Wow, what? Is this really happening? Cult and The Simpsons teamed up to produce a limited edition of Duff 24″ cruiser complete bikes. There is an interview up on Defgrip site with Robbie Morales about the whole idea behind this collab, the Duff bike and much more. This is next level, I say.

Mike “Hucker” Clark Vans Kill The Line Interview + Finals Gallery

Mike “Hucker” Clark was the winner of 2013 Vans Kill The Line dirt contest that happened this past weekend at the Peynier trails in France. Red Bull caught up with him to talk about his thoughts of the trails, European scene, finals and more.
Also, make sure to check out the photo gallery from the finals, shot by George Marshall.

Remembering X Games With Luke Parslow

Just spotted over on the ESPN site this new quick interview with Luke Parslow, where he remembers the dirt scene at X Games Brazil and also the scene over there along with being most sicked seeing Travis Pastrana pulling a double backflip on a MX.