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Animal “What’s Good With” – Kie Ashworth

Animal sat down with Kie Ashworth to chat about what he has been up to lately, who long is his staying in the U.S., his favourite spot and more. He also tells a good story from the driving from California to New Jersey.

Jacob Cable Interview

Kink made a quick interview with 15 year old Jacob Cable to talk about the summer, Monster Mash, filming, his riding mates, fall and winter plans and more. You can read it all above.

Behind The Scenes – Ryan Humphrey Episode 3

In the third episode of ESPN’s Behind The Scene series with Ryan Humphrey, they chat about BMX riding, how much the looks meant to them, his transitions from BMX to art and the move to New York City.

Catching Up With Shawn McIntosh

On the recent move from Long Beach back to his homeland of Oregon, Ride BMX caught up with Shawn McIntosh at this small skatepark to talk about Oregon, how he can get bored doing one stuff over and over again, filming clips with Pat Wang for Fit and more. Along with that, you will get a few clips from Shawn, Tony Neyer and Jeff Z.
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Animal Bikes “Reminisce” – OD In OZ Trip

Animal Bikes made an interview with Mark Osso and Kie Ashworth about the OD in OZ Australia trip they took back in winter of 2011. Find out about the favorite spot, why the even went on the trip, most memorable moment and more.

Six Questions With Alex Kennedy

Red Bull sat down with Alex Kennedy for six questions about the food he is eating, the top three tricks he likes pulling (or at least likes the feeling when landing them), stuff that motivates him besides riding his BMX bike and more.

Mellon 7’s – Sal Saavedra

We caught up with a young rider and Mike’s brother Sal Saavedra to get a quick interview done and to find out how good he is with jokes, what was his worst injury, what he thinks about the whole BMX community and more. Hit read more and read it.
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Alli Sports “My Five” – Daniel Dhers

In this fresh new episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” series Daniel Dhers tells you about the advice he got in the past and is following, his top three riders, what languages he speaks and more along with plenty of big, but super smooth riding clips.
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TJ Lavin And Ricardo Lagua Catching Up

TJ Lavin and Ricardo Laguna recently caught up on TJ’s roll in to talk about his backyard trails setup, triathlon, his crash and recovery, his wife and a lot more. If you would like to know TJ a little better, hit play above and watch this video interview.
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Animal “What’s Good With” – Steven Hamilton

This version of Animal Bikes’ “What’s Good With” interview is different than previous ones, because Steven Hamilton interviewed himself and he did a pretty long interview. Find out all about his yellow bike, new tricks, the video he is working on and a lot more.