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Animal “What’s Good With” – Edwin De La Rosa

As promised Animal Bikes dropped the What’s Good interview with Edwin De La Rosa, where you can get updates on what this guy have been up to, where he went over the winter time, the street jam and more.

Animal Shop Spotlight – Angry Penguin

Animal Bikes caught up with one of the shops that carry their products, the Angy Penguin Skateboards and BMX shop in Johnson City, Tennessee. Find out about the owner, how the idea for the store came, who works there and more up on Animal.

Catching Up With Rob Darden

Alli Sports caught up with Rob Darden to get a few updates on being a father, being healthy and training out, how fun it is having a freecoaster hub along with filming a few clips at The Unit skatepark. Try it out, do train your body besides riding your bike, the results are amazing, trust me.
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Garrett Reynolds Deadline Interview

The official premiere of the long awaited Deadline video will be happening tomorrow at the Vans skatepark, but in the mean time, make your way over to the Dig web site, to read an interview they did with the man himself, Garrett Reynolds. I know everyone is dying to see this video, but finally it is finished and it will blow away the world (I guess).

Mellon 7’s – Sam Bright

It has been a little while since our last quick Mellon 7’s interview, but today we are posting a new one that we just did with Tempest Brand and Creation Cycles rider Sam Bright. Sam sure has a sweet little joke for you guys. Read it after the jump.
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Connor Lodes Premium Interview

There is a short interview with Connor Lodes made up on the Premium web site, where they chat about 2013 Ride To Glory, Markit Barcelona trip, filming, Chad Kerley’s another level of filming and more. Pretty good read and it won’t take you long.

Animal Shop Spotlight – Incycle Bicycles

Animal Bikes sat down with owners of Incycle Bicycles shop to talk about the openings, the idea behind it, events they hosted and more. If you would like to know a little more about the shop, go and read this quick interview they made.

Remembering X Games With Mike “Hucker” Clark

Mike “Hucker” Clark remembers growing up watching X Games, getting his first real BMX bike and this year, when he finally got the opportunity to compete at X Games Dirt. Dream come true for Hucker.
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Diogo Santos Interview

Tiago Rato from Portugal hit me up with this exclusive interview he made with street machine Diogo Santos. get to know Diogo a little bit better, read about his BMX Street Station experience, being vegetarian and more. Quite an interesting guy Diogo is.

10 Minutes With Simon o’Brien

The BMX Flatland Australia made an interview with Simon O’Brien to talk about his latest ESPN video and the title “Farewell to Flatland,” where is he standing with flatland now, his normal day and more. This dude wakes up a 4:30am.