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New Beginnings: Ben Ward And Fit Bike Co.

Ben Ward

Ben Ward switched from Odyssey to Fit’s brand manager. ESPN has a good interview with him about the switching, what changes he made with Fit and a lot more. Hit this link!

ESPN – Chris Doyle Profile Part One

This is ESPN’s part one of two part profile of Chris Doyle. You’ll get Chris talking about previous year, riding at Dew tour, getting ankle surgery and more with also a lot of riding. Check it!
Video by Tom Arkus

Props Visual/Chris Rye Interview

Props Visual

Defgrip’s got a great interview from Props Visual’s Chris Rye. You’ll find a lot of good informations about Props video magazine, how it came out, how this was first racing only magazine and a lot more. Go over to Defgrip to read it.
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Nygel Sylvester – “Daily News” Newspaper

Nigel Sylvester

Nigel Sylvester, born inJamaica, Queens and lives in Mill Basin, Brooklyn has an interview in “Daily News” newspaper and you can read the whole article on this link.

What Do Pros Think Of Germany

More BMX Videos
Freedom BMX Magazine went around at Simpel Session and asked a few pros (Brian Kachinsky, Chad Jerley, Simone Barraco, Mark Vos, Tobias Wicke, Jason Phelan, Tony Hamlin and many more) what they think about Germany. Never heard of this information about Dennis Ennarson. Check it!

2011 Simpel Session – Short Interviews

Simpel Session 2011 Pre Contest Chats from RyyS on Vimeo.

Poland guy Ryszard Syryczy?ski got some riders to give their opinion about this years contest. In this video you’ll find Brian Kachinsky, Drew Bezanson, Ruben Alcantara, Stefan Lantschner, Catfish, Sergio Layos and a lot more.
Video by Ryszard Syryczy?ski

The Friday Interview – Drew Bezanson Interview Excerpts

Drew Bezanson, No Handed 360

Drew Bezanson, No Handed 360

Ride BMX posted an interview and some photos of Drew Bezanson. This is what did not get into RideBMX’s, issue 170, 13 page interview with Drew.

Props “Ask On Twitter” – Kareem Williams/Part 1

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“In a slow motion hazed stupor, perma-red jeaned Kareem Williams answers your questions from Twitter about riding, who’s out to get him, being the son of Stew Johnson, his favorite tricks, his disgusting fingernails, getting his own TV show, and other questions he can’t understand. Since Kareem can’t read, a frazzled Catfish guest stars reading the questions to Kareem in a painfully slow fashion. We just point the camera folks.

As a side note – Catfish had an actual train horn installed in his Volkswagen a couple years ago, which is deafeningly loud as heard in the beginning of the segment. On the drive to Kareem’s house, he apparently blew it off trying to scare someone waiting at a stoplight near railroad tracks. The train horn sound activated the railroad crossing gates, which came down on the car. Only Catfish folks, only Catfish.

A special thanks to Brian Hunt for manning the b-cam.” -Chris Rye, Props