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Dan’s Comp Summer 2013 Catalog

Dan’s Comp’s summer 2013 catalog is now online and ready for you to flip through it to check all the parts from your favorite brands. They also made an interview with Stevie Churchill that you can read up on their web site. Get updated.

Alli “My Five” – Larry Edgar

In this new episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” interviews, they caught up with Larry Edgar at the Stay Strong Compound to talk about his favorite car, his plans for the summer, riding trails or ramps and more and filmed some stylish moves over the jumps.
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Charlie Crumlish Interview

There is a really good interview with Charlie Crumlish up on the Crispy Stream site, so if you wanna know more about this guy, the story behind the BMX FU and how the name came up and the snowman logo, along with blogging, Adam22 and more, give it a read.

The Bakery’s Preheating – Chad Kerley

Well, it was about freaking time. Here is the first Preheating video/interview from The Bakery’s all new Chicago facility, featuring the one and only Chad Kerley, Watch Chad talking about the place, Chicago and get some quick clips from the upcoming Baker’s Dozen video, dropping Friday, May 10th, 2013. Can not wait.
“My first impression when we pulled into the parking lot? My first reaction was “this is a lot different than the other one.” The secret agent key comes out, the door opend, and it’s nice. It’s a sick facility. The stuff that goes on in there; the art, the music… it’s sick that BMX is downstairs. My first impressions were good.”– Chad Kerley
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Alli “My Five” – Joey Cordova

New Alli Sports’ My Five video interview is out, featuring Joey Cordova shredding trails and talking about which rapper he would be, if he could chose, who influenced his life, where he would be if he wouldn’t ride his bike and more.
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Red Bull Behind The Stage – Yohei Uchino

Red Bull caught up with one of the best flatland riders in the game, Yohei Uchino aka Ucchie. Get to know Ucchie a little better, get some words from his friends and check this guy pulling insane stunts. Yohei is definitely bringing things in his own hands, with his style and with his riding.
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Shop Talk – Dave’s Wearhouse

Dave Ortiz talking about his new project Dave’s Wearhouse, his passion for BMX, skateboarding and the lifestyle he is into it, making a fixed gear bike and all bunch of other stuff. This guy is supporting the scene 100%.

Dan Kruk Video Interview

Pretty cool video interview with Madera’s newest flow rider Dan Kruk, talking about riding, his knee surgery, how cool it is doing shows in front of his friends and more, along with some really good riding. Dan is a young gun, but killing it so hard.
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Catching Up With Shawn McIntosh

ESPN caught up with Shawn McIntosh to talk about his sponsors, Fit and Primo, the move to California, testing sample parts, flowing around skateparks, riding streets and much more. There is also a handful of crazy good riding in here along with some nasty crashes.
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Tattooing With Lee Dennis

if you are into tattooing, or you are just getting into it guys over at Northern Embassy made an interview with Lee Dennis, to talk about how he got into it, BMX and tattoo influences and more. Nice little read.