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Brad Simms Interview

If you were following Brad Simms and all his updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you knew that he stayed out of the US for over a year. Now is the time to fins out why he stayed out so long, which country he visited during this time, what language he learned and more.

Subrosa G.U.T.I. – Assorted Facts

Make your way over to the Defgrip site to read a list of assorted Subrosa Get Used To It facts. Find out where the name came from, which is the oldest clip, who has the longest hair in G.U.T.I. and much more. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it ASAP.

Glenn Salyers On Andforks

25 years old, South Bend, Indiana based Glenn Salyers is the newest addition to the Andforks crew. They did a quick chat with him and along with the announcement also dropped the interview.

Mellon 7’s – Ricardo Laguna

For our new Mellon 7’s interview with caught up with a MTV star and all around amazing riding and Extreme Thing organizer Ricardo Laguna. Read what he thinks about BMX community, get some laugh and find out what was his worst injury after the jump.
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Animal Shop Spotlight – Bike N Hike

There is a fresh new Shop Spotlight up on the Animal Bikes site, where they talked with the owners of the Bike N Hike shop in Milwaukee, Oregon. If you would like to know a little more about this shop, than you need to go over there and read it.

Billy Perry Bike Check And Interview

Volume Bikes has a bike check and mini interview up on their site, where they are showing you Billy Perry’s current whip and talking about East Coast winter, his bike, FTL and more. There are also a few action shots from Billy there for a good measure.

Kevin Robinson X Games Foz BMX Big Air Preview

Kevin Robinson is here for you, discussing the X Games, how bigger the ramps are now, how much the whole scene progressed and about him and how he is always competing against himself and having himself for the biggest competitor. Lets see what Kevin brings out for us in 2013.

Rok Krivec Shock Empire Interview

If you would like to know more about me and Mellon BMX, please head over to the Shock Empire page and read an interview Matt Brewer did with me. I need to say big, big thank you Matt, for the opportunity and for the chance to get my word out.

Alli “My Five” – Anthony Napolitan

Anthony Napolitan shreds the amazing trails spot in New Zealand and answers on five questions for Alli Sports’ new installment in the My Five series. I really like the answer on the, which BMX rider would he nominated for president.
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Face Time With Nick Seabasty

New Jersey based shredder Nick Seabasty talks about his crew, called the LFS, filming, why he parted ways with his sponsor Cult, new sponsors, plans for 2013 and more. Along with that, he threw down a few moves at the 5050 skatepark.