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Woodward Camp “VIP” – Zane Bradley 2013 Edit

Zane Bradley going pretty freaking huge and big in his new web edit Woodward Camp just dropped on their YouTube channel. There are some really mental transfers in here, especially that last 720. Filmed and edited by ody Stauder.
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Tanner Easterla 2014 Edit

Tanner Easterla’s 2014 web edit is something you must really not miss today. This kid has so much skills on a bike and is no stranger to insane rail tricks. The up icepick grind to 360 out was dope and so was the last super long ice down the blue rail. Just enjoy. Seen on TCU.
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Vans German Team At Euro Camp

VANS BMX – The German Team at Eurocamp in Spain from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Vans German riders Markus Braumann, Senad Grosic, Tobias Wicke and young Paul Thölen (14 years old) escaped the winter at the end of last year and made a trip to Spain to get some riding done at the Euro Camp at the Costa Brava. I need to say that young Paul is crazy good.
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Redline Bicycles – Brandon Dosch At Markit Ramps

Brandon Dosch MARKIT ramp session from Redline Bicycles on Vimeo.

Before moving to Austin, Texas, Redline Bicycles’ rider Brandon Dosch headed to San Diego to get one last session done at the Markit Ramps. With his wild, smooth and stylish stunts Brandon never disappoints and always comes out with hot stuff. Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Bruno Hoffmann At Kap 686 Plaza In Cologne

Bruno Hoffmann X Kap 686 / Cologne from Parano Garage on Vimeo.

Parano Garage’s Bruno Hoffmann one day hit up the Kap 686 skate plaza in Cologne, Germany for a session. It wasn’t just a session, he also did some filming, which later got edited into this edit. Bruno goes tech as crazy and nails a really wild combo on a ledge at the end.
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Carlos Vinuesa Welcome To Puck Suck

Carlos Vinuesa Welcome to PUCK SUCK from Cristian Traila (MORRENO) on Vimeo.

Madrid, Spain bases rider Carlos Vinuesa is the newest addition to the Puck Suck and his welcome to the team edit is pretty rad. Carlos starts it with a long nose many/many line and later does plenty of other solid moves. Check it.
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TMT Crew – Team Session

TMT Crew hit up the Halle 59 in Cologne and 040 BMX Park in Eindhoven for a session and this is what they managed to film. This is kinda heavy and if you would like to see a double backflip, then hit up play button and enjoy.
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Lil Pros UK Tour Bonus Footage – Pregaming At Unit 23

OK, seriously, I have got a question for Scottish people, how the hell can young shredders like all these featuring in the video above be so incredibly good? From 6 to 14 years old, you will see some really mind blowing riding in here. I will say only this, 12-yr-old pulling flairs and 360 double tailwhips. Yap, you heard it right. The Lil Pros UK Tour is going to be insane.
Riding from Anthony Duffy, Kieran Riley, Paul Friel, Mark Ducat, Cormack and Dylan Austin.
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Harry Main “Clocking On” Episode 1

The first episode of the Clocking On series with Harry Main is here. Harry show you how his recovery process looks like from the injured shoulder, he rides some mountain bike and heads over to London for the Ride UK reader awards. Next episode – Australia.
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Sasha Melnicov Edit

????????? ????????? – ???? ????? … from kingsbikesnet on Vimeo.

Sasha Melnicov from Ukraine sending over his latest creation filmed at this pretty fun indoor setup. Sasha’s riding is pretty technical and he does some fine things in here. Isn’t this the spot where riders usually rider with dust mask? I am not 100% sure, but I think it is.
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