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Apps for BMX riders

Best Apps for BMX riders

There are many valuable things to note when maintaining your bike to keep it in full working order, and to allow you to perform at the optimal level. Gone are the days of perusing bulky manuals. Now, we use apps as our go-to resource for almost everything.

Smartphones and tablets are typically used for entertainment reasons. As games maker Pocket Fruity puts it, “Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a big money gambler or just like to kill some time every now and again, there are thousands of mobile games to choose from and the variety is endless nowadays.” However, apps are useful in everyday life, too, and can even help people save a lot of money instead of hiring professional help. In this article, let’s take a look at 3 of the best apps that can be very beneficial for BMX riders to download.

Bike Gear Calculator

The Bike Gear Calculator is a must for BMX riders who customize their own bikes. The app allows users to compare gear ratios in order to optimize their setup. Among the things that can be measured by the app are cadence, speed, pedal rotations, tire size, crank length, teeth on the chain, and a much more. Apart from helping cyclists make their bikes more powerful, the app can help in suggesting gears for a particular cycling event. The app is free for both iOS and Android users.

Bike Doctor

Not every cyclist knows how to undertake preventive maintenance or simple repairs to their bike. Repair manuals can sometimes be confusing but not the Bike Doctor App. It has very clear instructions that even beginners can understand, and pictures for easier comprehension. The Bike Doctor allows users to detect early signs of problems, repair simple issues such as squeaks and punctures, and how to check if the bike is safe to ride. The Bike Doctor app costs $5.99 for Apple users, and $2.99 for Google users.

St John Ambulance First Aid

The human body is more fragile than bikes and since BMX can be quite extreme, every cyclist should have this. The St. John Ambulance App provides users with the knowledge on how to do first aid treatments from a wide range of cycling-related injuries. It has step-by-step diagrams for better understanding, and quick response guides for when your injury is serious. The app is free for both iOS and Android users.

Chad Kerley – 2014 Markit Denim Promo Edit

Chad Kerley’s signature CK jeans from Markit Denim are back in stock and what a better way to announce the fresh release than with an insane promo edit. I must admit, I really thought this one will be a little easier, but we all know Chad, he just can not go easy. Maybe it is easy for him, but it is far from easy for all the rest of us immortals. Two minutes of Chad Kerley madness just for you and when you are done watching, head over to Markit web site, use code CKALLDAY and score yourself free shipping.
Now back to the video, this is technical as shit. It really is and that is what CK’s riding is all about. The up double peg grind on that small rail to tailwhip out straight into a hop over rail and drop truck driver. Or the double peg to hard 180 to fakie tailwhip over a set of stairs. Oh, and that nose manual line on that ridiculously high ledge. I could continue highlighting every single trick combos in here, because every single one deserves it. But I will stop and try not ruining everything for you. Hit play and see this madness for yourself.
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Matej Zan “The Burgler” By Evolution BMX

I remember the days when I first met Matej Zan from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and I instantly knew that this kid is the future of Slovenian scene. Now, a few years later (one or two, I do not remember exactly) I am watching his latest web edit and I just got blown away. Matej Zan progressed so freaking much in such a short time and he is only 15 (or maybe 16). I do not care about that years, but this kid is incredibly amazing. Since I took it a little easier this past winter I haven’t seen much Matej so I did not know what to expect in his latest web piece. I really got surprised with how much skills he actually has and how technical his riding is. Did I mention already that this kid is the future of Slovenia BMX scene? I did and I could say this for at least a million more times.
I will not say what are the tricks he pulled in here, I will let you get blown away, just like I was. And still am. Now lets together press the play button again and watch the madness for one more time. I tell you, Matej Zan could be your next favorite rider when you get to the end of his “The Burgler” video from Evolution BMX.
Filmed and edited by Maks Bernard, filmed over the winter 2013/2014 at the Urban Roof indoor skatepark in Ljubljana.
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Fise Marseille 2014 – Video Highlights From The Contest

Here are video highlights from the Fise Marseille 2014 contest that went down last weekend and the contest sure was nuts. Top skatepark riders from all over the world came to compete at this pretty ridiculous course. All of them were nailing down some really insane moves. Riding from Pat Casey, Alex Coleborn, Tom Justice, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers, Logan Martin and many more. Fise Marseille was an insane event like always. You just know there will be madness going down at a contest where such a big names are competing. I will add only this, I really dig Pat Casey’s brakeless style of riding. I think it suits him really damn good.
So, if you are in need of some serious park riding, even if from a contest and not actual web edit, this is something you must not miss. No one will make you go away from the screen disappointed.
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Subrosa Silva II Limited Edition Frame, Via Emmitt

subrosa silva
You are looking at a very limited edition of the Subrosa Silva II frame that is being sold exclusively through the Emmitt BMX store in Melbourne Florida. This is Mark Mulville’s signature frame and since he lives in Florida and rides for Emmitt BMX it was about time they do some kind of a collaboration. This frame is available in trans black and comes in three different sizes, 20.5″, 20.75″ and 21″. No informations how many were there made, but if you dig it, act quick, because you know this version of the Subrosa Silva II will go fast.
If you will miss this chance to get yourself a limited frame and stand out from the crowd, it is still available in smoke black and chrome.

Dylan Stedwell 2014 Web Video By Jack Paton

Australia strikes again with another really amazing and super wild web video featuring Dylan Stedwell, going all crazy and technical. Dylan has teamed up with Jack Paton for a course of a couple month to stack clips here and there. Now, when they have enough of the quality stuff, Jack threw everything together and made one hell of an edit for your viewing pleasure. Dylan Stedwell is a smooth and stylish rider who know how to mix big and technical stunts. The last cannonball to barspin over that massive spine was bananas. Even if this one is the banger one, I still think there are a few more moves in here that should all be considered as a banger clip. Hit play and see it for yourself, it will make you stoked.
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Simone Barraco “Barcelona Days” – The Shadow Conspiracy

Finally, Simone Barraco’s fresh new video he filmed in the best place in the world, Barcelona, Spain, for The Shadow Conspiracy has dropped. It is really hard to describe the level of Simone’s riding – he is going so extremely technical, but yet really wild and crazy. So much trick combos and lines i nhere and I think a few never before done moves also. The nose many hop nose many to bar was insane. But this is just one of many stunts that will make you go “WOOOW.”
Now hit play and see what Simone Barraco managed to film. You will be stoked, I guarantee you.
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Paul Shariff 2014 Web Video Is Crazy Wild

Fifteen year old Paul Shariff has been really busy over the past few months, stacking clips for this fresh new street and skatepark web edit. He went completely out of control with his riding, from insane roof drops to really smooth lines. This youngster is a beast and is killing it extremely hard on his BMX bike. I am already waiting for a new Paul Shariff edit to drop on the world wide web. Pretty much all the clips were filmed in the Southern California. Filmed and edited by Kevin Johnson. What a killer for still such young age.
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Ben Basford And His 2014 Kink Web Edit

Fresh new Ben Basford web edit for his sponsor Kink, for which he rides and proudly represent in the UK through Seventies. Ben has this awesome, raw, solid, creative and pretty technical style of riding, that you will enjoy watching from the first to the last second. So much goodness in this four minutes long edit, but I really liked that long crank arm grind on that super fat yellow rail. I could say what I also really liked a lot in here, but I think I would ruin everything for you. So hit play and enjoy this awesome edit from Ben Basford, doing his thing, enjoying the bike.
Filmed and edited by Sam Marden.
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Subrosa Brand “Get Used To It” After Party Video

Guys over at the Subrosa Brand released the After Party video of the “Get Used To It” DVD on the one year anniversary of the world premiere. It is a ten minutes long video that includes second angles, unseen footage, b-rolls and more and more good stuff from the crew.
It features Subrosa Brand riders Kye Hart, Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Scott Ditchburn, Mark Mulville, Nick Bullen and many more. Fails, bails, attempt, pulled stuff, you name it, this video covers all and if you are a fan of the Subrosa, you will enjoy this one a freaking lot.
Filmed by all, edited by Bobby Kanode.
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