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Dawid Godziek Welcome To Ave BMX Team Edit

AveBmx: DAWID GODZIEK – Welcome to the Team from AveBmx on Vimeo.

We are not used to welcome to the team edits to be so long, but if a welcome to the team edit deserves to be so long, the let it be so long. I actually did not mind at all, because we all know how good Dawid Godziek is at riding BMX bikes. He is capable of just everything. There are clips in here from all over the world and Dawid kills all the skateparks and trails he hit. I am sure guys over at Ave BMX are really stoked to have Dawid Godziek on their team. He is a strong addition to their squad and I am really looking forward to their future projects.
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Broc Raiford Promoting Volume “Vessel” Frame

Here is Broc Raiford promoting his signature Vessel frame from Volume Bikes which is available now, so start saving money for this machine. This promotional video was actually made using leftover clips from filming for his “Shoot Your Future” DVD section from Volume. Can you believe it? Leftover clips? I can’t even imagine how sick will his section be. The word is saying that it will made some differences in the game. Broc Raiford is seriously a mad guy. He can go crazy big, but at the same time he can pull some insane technical combos. The barspin to manual to feeble grind to hard 360 to manual to 180 line was incredible. Just WOW.
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Shane Weston 2014 Fly Bikes Web Video

We all know Shane Weston, if not in person then from the world wide web, and we all know how technical and how crazy he can get. If you are a random person walking by Shane when he fails pulling a trick, you will probably get scared. Why? Because he is screaming like a vocalist from a death metal band and there is a good chance he will throw a bike. Despite this he is one super technical and extremely creative rider. Have you even seen a nollie to hang ten up on a ledge? Shane Weston pulled is as clean as possible in this new 2014 web video from Fly Bikes. Soon after landing a spot on the team Shane got a chance to put out his signature line of products, called the Isla line. More about his signature line can be found on the Fly website.
Now start watching this madness and hold tight.
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Nigel Sylvester Promoting His Signature Animal Bikes Seat

Animal Bikes: Nigel Sylvester 2014 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Nigel Sylvester’s signature pivotal seat from Animal Bikes is out now and here he is promoting it with a sweet black and white promo. Even if there is plenty of insane kids out there in the moment who are doing some really insane and mad stuff, I still really enjoy watching Nigel shred. You just can not go wrong with some “classic” style street shredding. Check it out and then got and contact your local dealer, favorite mail order, or just go to Animal web store and get yourself a new seat.
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Alex Donnachie Hitting Streets Of Tel Aviv For 20Twenty

Alex Donnachie and Rich Forne found themselves in Tel Aviv, Israel, one because of college and the other is simply living there and managed to film a new web edit. It is no secret that Alex is one hell of a technical rider and it is also no secret that Rich is really good with filming BMX. Together they hit up street and shot some really serious stuff for you to enjoy watching. Alex Donnachie mixes some really big grind stuff with plenty of technical combos in here. The final products for 20Twenty store is more than amazing. It is incredible and you will gonna love it.
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Cinema X United Giveaway Promo Feat. Nathan Williams

Cinema and United teamed up to host this amazing giveaway where you can win this exact bike setup that Nathan Williams is shredding the promo above. Their goal was to put together a bike that can be compared to their team’s custom rides, so it definitely is worth giving this giveaway a try. To get more informations how to enter head over to Ride BMX and read all the rules you need to know.
But before you do it, watch Nathan shredding the bike and pulling some solid and smooth stunts.
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Shadow Conspiracy – Cody And Dawson Clark Welcome To The Family

The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to welcome Cody and Dawson Clark, the Wonder Twins to their family and this is their split welcome to the team edit. I really do not know where to start. These two are seriously incredible and both have so much control. Even if they are twins that does not mean they have the same styles of riding. They don’t, but they are both extremely creative and are masters of nose manuals. They really are and no one can’t get even close to them. They are both no strangers to regular and opposite grinds and they are obsessed with pulling trick combos and proper lines. Shadow Conspiracy is really lucky and so are we, because new stuff from the Wonder twins is always a treat to watch. Now hit the play button above and enjoy the technical madness. You would probably need to watch it two or three times to even see all the stuff they nailed down.
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Maiden Fork Promo Featuring Demolition’s Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle promoting his signature Maiden fork from Demolition Parts with this one hell of a promotional web edit for your viewing pleasure. High speed, big transfers, tailwhips out of wallrides and much much more. If all these insane riding is holding these forks in one piece, you know they will hold everything. Demolition made some serious upgrades to their 2014 version of the Maiden fork. Contact your local shop or favorite mail order and start saving money for a fresh new pair. There is also a very good chance you will be able to pull 360 turndowns and proper inverts like Chris Doyle does with these forks. Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni.
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Pharell Williams And Nigel Sylvester Talking BMX Culture

Red Bull recently caught up with the one and only Pharell Williams and Nigel Sylvester to talk about the BMX culture and things related to it. You don’t see very often a musician and a big name like Pharell’s is to talk about BMX. We all need to thank Nigel Sylvester for that, because if there would not be Nigel, there would probably not be Pharell Williams talking about the kids bikes. I am quite sure that we can grow and grow the game of BMX with help from Pharell. He has a massive fan base and that is awesome.
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Lotek Spring / Summer 2014 Shoes Look Book

People over at Lotek Brand threw together this look book to show you their 2014 spring/summer collection of shoes they will have to offer. There you will find Garrett Reeves’ “Reeves” signature model, Mike Hoder’s “BTM” signature model, Craig Passero’s “Fader” signature model and Mike Aitken’s “Nightwolf” signature model. I saw a lot of canvas, I mean, A lot of canvas. I am not the biggest fan of canvas upper, especially when it comes to shoes for riding, the just rip so quickly, but it is Lotek we are talking about, so they know what they are doing. For cruising and chilling canvas upper is fine, but nothing can beat true leather shoe when it comes to riding.
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