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Albert Mercado Lost Footage By Kink BMX

Miles Rogoish had some old footage of Albert Mercado laying around, that now finally ended in this sweet web edit for Kink BMX. You can just never go wrong with some new/old footage from Albert. This guy has a really good style of riding and what is really important, there is a lot of creativity in his riding. Many years ago I first saw a video of Albert Mercado and ever since I can not wait to see some new stuff from him. Thank’s to world wide web we can get more and more videos, since guys are always pushing themselves. Enjoy.
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Nike BMX Crew Destroying Streets Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nike BMX crew, consisting of Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Kriss Kyle and Nigely Sylvester, hit up streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They actually did not just hit the streets, they hit them and completely destroyed them and murdered every single spot. It is an amazing place Buenos Aires, lot of sick street spots and with a crew like Nike BMX has, only insane things went down. I really can not decide who stand out the most, because every rider has his own, original and very creative style of riding. Some of them had a few more clips, but that does not mean they are instantly the highlights. I can say that Chad Kerley and Garrett Reynolds are nailing insane combos after combos. I can also say that Kriss Kyle is the master of street style flairs. Nigel bombs crazy grinds and shows us his high pop. And Dennis Enarson… I think it is just enough to say he goes really massive for the banger. Overall, all five of them came out incredible and please, do me a favor and do not miss this video. You will really, Really enjoy it. Now seat back, relax and enjoy the stunts. Filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio.
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Chris Silva – Quiet Afternoon At Joyride 150

Chris Silva – Solo in Joyride from Embassy on Vimeo.

It was a really quite afternoon at Joyride 150 one day, so Chris Silva and Peter Almeida decided to get some filming done and this is what they got. Chris does not ride with pegs, but that does not mean he is not grinding. He grinds a lot and he kills it with his pegless style of grinding. Chris Silva is a pretty creative dude and we always enjoy watching him shred. Wouldn’t be sick having Joyrdie 150 indoor ramp facility all for yourself? Man that would be so so sick. The place is amazing and this “skate-plaza” section of the park is so much fun.
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JP Chavez And His Last Concrete Session In Spain

JP Chavez – Last sesh in Spain from Pablo Chavez on Vimeo.

It looks like JP Chavez won’t be shredding spots of Spain for a while now and here is his last session he filmed at this concrete skatepark. He is probably moving to Australia if I am correct, so what a better way to say a proper goodbye to a nice place as Spain is. We do not see that much from JP, but every time we see something new it is great and never disappointing. This one is no different. JP Chavez has a solid style and pulls tricks clean and smoothly.
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Ronnie Napolitan On Redline Bicycles

ronnie napolitan
After parting ways with Haro earlier this year, Ronnie Napolitan has now officially joined the Redline Bicycles team and will be representing them in 2014. Ronnie is a beast of a rider and back when having those long hairs he really looked like a Viking. Now he may not look like that any more, but he still is a warrior. Ronnie Napolitan is joining Brandon Dosch and Josh Hult on the Redline Bicycles team and I really hope we will be seeing a welcome to the team edit in the near future. In the mean time, go follow Ronnie on Instagram and get daily photo updates from his life.

Calvin Kosovich “Still Bleeding Black & Blue” Video Part

Calvin Kosovich ”Still Bleeding Black & Blue” Part from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

This is Australian shredder Calvin Kosovich and his section from the Still Bleeding Black & Blue video that dropped back in 2012. If you haven’t seen anything from this guy before you are doing it wrong. Aussie Calvin is a really talented rider and he has plenty of skills and a pair of big balls. From being very good at pulling pretty long nose manuals to having no problems pulling massive 180s over rails and stairs. This section from Calvin Kosovich is something you really must not miss today, because it is sick from the first second to the very last.
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Kink Bikes 2014 Collection Catalogue

Guys over at Kink Bikes put together this sweet catalogue and put it on the world wide web for the whole world to see their 2014 collection. All the hard goods and all their complete bikes are in here along with their distributor list. Solace frame, Titan frame and Mudrunner frame, all three a little different, so you will definitely find something that will fit you best. Kink Bikes also made this new hidden-pivotal seat post system that right now works only with their Stealth seat or Standard pivotal seats. Their plastic pedals also look really nice and so do all the complete bikes they are offering this year.
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Kilian Roth Welcome To Peoples Store Web Edit


Kilian Roth is the newest member of the Peoples Store in Cologne, Germany and his welcome to the team web edit is a treat to watch. You can never go wrong with some fresh new footage from Kilian and if you do not believe me, hit the play button above and see it for yourself. Really solid style of riding, lot of rail grinding and just a huge amount of smoothness. Go watch it now and enjoy, cause Kilian Roth is killing it really hard.
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Stevie Churchill And Brandon Begin Skatepark Edit

During the time spent in the Los Angeles area, Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin were super busy stacking clips for their upcoming OSS web videos. But even if being super busy, they still managed to film plenty of clips here and there to make this skatepark edit happen. Both, Stevie Churchil and Brandon are seriously amazing, but the focus in here is on Stevie. This kid is seriously mental, from pulling some crazy technical stuff to insane and extremely smooth 540s. But we must not forgot about Brandon Begin, kid gets also very technical in here. But I liked that fakie 540 down the quarter the most. He pulls it just as clean as possible. I can not wait to see their upcoming videos – they will be sick and we all now it. With such sick riders it is really hard to imagine how wild videos will be.
Get a doze of Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin craziness now.
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Total BMX – Chance Brejnakowski And Todd Meyn Calling The Shots

The second calling the shots video from Total BMX guys is here featuring Australian shredders Chance Brejnakowski and Todd Meyn. Now where to start. These two are seriously unreal. Chance with his super technical brakeless riding and Todd with some mad mad air-time shredding. It is almost hard to believe how much insane stuff went down in here. To bad Todd didn’t pulled that front-flip tailwhip, but it pretty much don’t matter. Other stunts are that much crazier. Total BMX must be really proud to have such insane riders on here team. Now press the play button above and go wild. I really can not decide which is my favorite trick. Can I just say all? Tell me yours in the comment section.
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