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Dan Foley – Dynamics

Dan Foley – Dynamics from Dan Foley on Vimeo.

This was a video project Dan Foley was working on for a sponsor he parted ways at the end of last year. Of course he did not want to throw all this amazing footage to garbage and decided to put out this “Dynamics” web video. Dan is a master of self-filmed and self-edited edits and this one is just another incredible proof. A few friends help him out with some of the clips in here, but overall it is all made by Dan Foley. The style, the tricks and the quality filming and editing – all fit together perfectly, like always. All the stuff you see above was filmed over the past fall and winter in Maryland, North Carolina, Japan and Texas. Do I even need to say anything else? Dan is the man and all the stuff he puts out is a treat to watch. Enjoy.
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Jason Teet – BSD B-Sides Edit

BSD – Jason Teet – B-sides from BSD on Vimeo.

During filming for Jason Teet “Fall In Vancouver” web edit for BSD, Riley McMaster took his Super8 cameras out a few times and managed to capture all these clips. Riley did a pretty damn awesome job with making this one happen, because all these shots and especially the quality are so freaking good. No fancy stuff in here, but still looking great. If you by any chance missed the original video from Jason Teet that dropped earlier this year, you must watch it now. Jason is a sick guy and he is killing every spots he hit for this web video. Enjoy it in this nice and sunny Saturday morning.
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Popa Roland – Incredible One Day Edit

We have seen a lot from Hungarian Popa Roland already, but this edit, filmed in just one day, is one of the best, especially for being filmed in such a short time. I can not believe this was actually really filmed in just one day. So much style, so much skills. This kid is really freaking good. Popa Roland never disappoints and this time it is no different. I can not even name my favorite trick, because there are so many. This killer edit will definitely pump you up to go out for a session with your friends. Just hit play and enjoy while Popa is nailing down trick after trick.
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DK Bicycles Team At The Simple Session 2014

Looks like this year Ryys will be dropping team videos from the Simple Session 2014 that went down past month and here is DK Bicycles team. DK sent Drew Bezanson, Mike Varga, Brian Kachinsky and Vinny Mannino to Tallinn, Estonia to have fun and to shred at, what could be sad, year’s best BMX contest. Unfortunately Vinny Mannino crashed pretty badly, which sucks, but he is doing good, so we are all stoked for him and wishing him a fast recovery. The rest of the DK Bicycles crew ended up without any serious injury and here they are, talking about the whole event, how massive the crowd is and BMX in general. Listen to this guy and you may learn a few things. It does not matter if it is a huge jump box trick or a super technical rail stunt, BMX is about having fun. Have thing in mind kids, because this is very important.
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Mike Kleissler And His LFS Section

Mike Kleissler LFS Section from LFS on Vimeo.

Another LFS section is here and it features Mike Kleissler going all wild and crazy on the streets, killing every single spot he hit. His section is one of those traditional section, crashes and attempts first, followed by some pretty damn good riding. Mike Kleissler has an amazing style of riding and he is capable of a lot of stuff and no stranger to pulling tricks combos. There some quite nasty crashes in here, those who don’t look they provide much pain, but they sure hurt. For a best like Mike is nothing can stop him, he gets up and pulls it clean and smooth. The last not bonk straight into a bunnyhop 180 tailwhip into a bank was a great ender clip.
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John Stafford Killing Plaza – Blunted Athletics X ECBMX

BLNTD ATHLTCS x ECBMX x John Stafford – Plaza Sessions 2014 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

John Stafford hit up this skate plaza with Alex Romero behind the lens to film stuff for his sponsors Blunted Athletics and East County BMX. John is one really technical and solid rider and he knows how to get the most out of a freecoaster hub. I have no idea in how many sessions this was filmed, but it actually does not matter. Plenty of really good and proper stuff in here you will definitely enjoy watching. Hit it now.
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Jordan Waters – Park Jibs For Wethepeople

Just a sweet and short clip from Wethepeople rider Jordan Waters getting a few jibs done in midweek at this concrete skatepark in Leeds, UK. This web piece from Jordan is a really good example how you do not need to go all mad and insane with your riding for an edit to make cool. Even if this one is less than a minute long, it is still a nice little watch. Do not bother yourself too much, just and enjoy and have fun on you bike, doing what you like. Just like Jordan Waters is doing. Boom, hit play and see what he nailed down for you people out there.
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Alex Coleborn – Five Insane Tricks On One Object

Alex Coleborn: Five on One – More BMX Videos

OK, um… Alex Coelborn is seriously crazy. This guy has so much skills and he can go crazy technical and linking tricks together that are not meant to go together. This is a fresh new clip of his filmed at the Adrenaline Alley and it features “just” five tricks/clips. Every single one of them is mad, but when it comes to the last one, you will get blown away. Your jaw will drop and you will start screaming. Alex Coleborn pulls it so clean, like it was nothing, like there was not flair before it. Just crazy. Seriously crazy. Hit play and see what I am talking and go wild.
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Barspin How To Video With Dan Conway

I know many of you shredders out there know how to pull a proper barspin, but there are still many who can not do it and want to learn it. Ride BMX recently caught up with Fit’s newest pro team rider, Dan Conway, to film this how to video. Dan explains how to throw handlebar around for 360 degrees and catch it before landing. You will pretty much get every single detail you need to know before learning barspin. Even if in today’s world this trick is considered as a basic trick, it still is not that easy to learn. But when you will learn it and when you will master it, you will be throwing barspins everywhere. Over massive transfers, big sets of stairs, in a trick and out of a combo. Barspin is a trick you can use all the time and even throwing it on a flatground out of a bunnyhop it is so much fun. You can also set yourself a challenge how many barspins you can pull in one minute. It is not an easy challenge, believe me.
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United 2014 Complete Bikes Line Catalogue

Like every brand out there who is offering complete bikes, United is trying to make the best possible bikes each year and here is their 2014 collection. They retire some of the completes, upgraded the existing ones and added a whole new signature line of complete bikes for Corey Martinez. From the Cinema X United collaboration bike, to Kye and Leo Forte’s and all in between, plus the Corey Martinez versions. They also did not forgot about all you little guys out there who are killing it on 18″ bikes – they have one for you to, so get stoked and excited.
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