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Kevin Kiraly Is Casual

Casual – Kevin Kiraly from Bobby Summers on Vimeo.

Look what we have here now, a fresh new Kevin Kiraly edit that Casual BMX and Bobby Summers dropped on Vimeo. I know you are always down to see new stuff from Kevin and so are we. From style, to plenty of unreal grind combos, bot regular and opposite. This one is something you simply don’t want to miss on this sunny (I hope it is sunny at your place) Sunday. Enjoy.
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Sean Burns Welcome To Hellride

Sean Burns – Welcome to Hellride from on Vimeo.

This is something you will definitely make you excited, wild and crazy. Sean Burns will be from now on riding for Russian BMX shop called Hellride. Sean sure is one hell of a rider and he perfectly fits in the name of the shop. Hit play and see Sean Burns going big on the streets and also taking a few nasty crashes.
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Stolen – Nico Cambon Edit

STOLEN : NICO CAMBON EDIT from Unleaded bmx on Vimeo.

Nico Cambon is a French Stolen rider through Unleaded and here is something fresh from him filmed at the 1936 indoor skatepark in Albi, France. This place was originally an old cinema, but they got it rebuilt into a skatepark. Pretty cool, huh. Filmed and edited by Clement Segade.
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Chad Osburn Kink Pro 2014

The waiting is no longer, Chad Osburn’s welcome to Kink pro team edit is here and it is dope like expected. So much style, so much smoothness, this one has it all. No pegs, no brakes, cause Chad does not need them to make riding look super sick. Hit play and enjoy the goodness.
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Animal Bikes “QSS 6” – Chocolate Truck Crew

QSS 6 – Chocolate Truck crew from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Animal Bikes dropped the Chocolate Truck crew section from their most recent QSS video, the sixth version of it. Whoever is down for some solid and raw street riding from this crew, you better start pressing the play button above, especially if you haven’t seen it yet. Enjoy it.
Filmed by Ryan Navazio and Matt Miller, edited by Ryan Navazio.
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Lil Pat Edit

Lil Pat from Nathan Williams on Vimeo.

Nathan Williams did a good job again with making another really good web edit for your viewing pleasure. This time he teamed up with Pat Morse aka Lil Pat. Pat has such a good, creative and solid style of riding, that is definitely sending out from random day edits. Hit play and enjoy.
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Haro Team Session At Pat Casey’s

Haro Team Session at Pat Casey’s. from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Haro team riders Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson and Colin Mackay enjoying an afternoon at Casey’s backyard ramp setup in Riverside, California. Who wouldn’t have a setup like this one? This is rad and with a heavy crew like Haro’s is expect to see some solid shredding. Filmed and edited by Justin Kosman.
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10-yr-old Dylan Hessey Is Not Joking

OK seriously, what is in the air lately? Will be year 2014 dedicated to young and little shredders? How far can all this go, or better, how young can all this go? 10 year old Dylan Hessey is destroying Rampworx and Beast Rampz indoor skateparks in here and it is hard to even imagine how good he will be at the age of 13 or 14. Of course if he keeps pushing himself and progressing, but we all know he will.
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Chris Childs Welcome To Merritt Pro

Chris Childs Welcome to Pro from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

Chris Childs was added to the Merritt pro team for 2014 and to make things officially, here is his welcome to the team edit. You know Chris (well, I really hope you do) and you know how wild and crazy he can get with his riding, so hit play and enjoy the goodness.
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Frenchys Meeting V4

FRENCHYS MEETING V4 from frenchys on Vimeo.

For the fourth year in a row Frenchys sent their riders on their “Meeting” trip and last summer they were killing spots in the east of France. The video is now done and ready for your viewing pleasure. Featuring riding from Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charveron, Alex Valentino, Adrien Lecomte, Anthony Perrin, John Garcia and Ben Gea.
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