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Division Brand – Digital Edition #2 – Frenchie In Barcelona

Back in May 2013, Frenchie went on a We Are Orange Juice trip Barcelona, Spain and Division Brand hooked him up with a few disposable cameras. Frenchie did his best, shot a few cool photos, that was later thrown together in Division’s second Digital Edition and are now ready for you to check them out.

Alex Donnachie Athens BSD Ad

Alex Donnachie with a nollie to double peg grind down the rail for BSD’s latest print ad, that is featured in the 96th issue of the Dig magazine, promoting the Stamp and Slinger seats.

Ryan “Biz” Jordan Rotator Freecoaster Demolition Ad

Ryan “Biz” Jordan getting a half can barspin done for his signature Demolition Rotator freecoaster. You can find this print ad in the current issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Freecoaster should be out by the end of September, 2013.
Did you know that word Rotator is spelled the same forwards and backwards?

Matty Aquizap S&M Ad

S&M’s recent Ride BMX ad featuring Matty Aquizap going with a stylish euro table at the Terrible One ramps. Take a minute of your time and just stare at this one.

Drew Hosselton Volume Bikes Ad, Ride 194

The 194th issue of Ride BMX magazine is all about Drew Hosselton, the cover, the interview and this full page Volume Bikes print ad, promoting his signature Hatchet forks. Go and grab a copy to check it out and read the interview.

Kurt Russell Stolen Print Ad, Ride 194

Stolen’s latest print ad featuring Kurt Russell pulling a 360 over the rail during their Canada trip, to promote the Flip hub and hub guard. This ad is featured in the Ride BMX issue 194 and the photo was taken by Joey Cobbs.

New Ride UK Cover, Issue 180

Lima with an “inback,” how he calls this trick, to cover up Ride UK’s upcoming issue, the 180th issue. This was shot some time ago on a sunny day in Barcelona, Spain.

Max Gaerting Wethepeople Ad, The Albion 15

Max Gaertig getting a wallride over the rail down the stairs done for the new Wethepeople print ad, shot by Hadrien Picard. This ad from the 15th issue of The Albion magazine.

Anthony Perrin Eclat Ad

Anthony Perrin scored himself a print ad from Eclat that is featured in The Albion magazine. The photo was taken in Hong Kong, shot by Steve Bancroft, and it is Anthony jumping over this rail.

Mike “Hucker” Clark Vans Kill The Line Interview + Finals Gallery

Mike “Hucker” Clark was the winner of 2013 Vans Kill The Line dirt contest that happened this past weekend at the Peynier trails in France. Red Bull caught up with him to talk about his thoughts of the trails, European scene, finals and more.
Also, make sure to check out the photo gallery from the finals, shot by George Marshall.