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Chase Hawk Odyssey Print Ad / Wallpaper

This was originally Odyssey’s magazine print ad, but can now be downloaded and set as your new desktop wallpaper. Chase Hawk boosting a massive transfer at the House skatepark in Austin, Texas.

Chris Childs Sunday Bikes Print Ad

You are looking at Sunday Bikes’ latest print ad that can be found in the 182nd issue of the Ride UK magazine featuring Chris Childs clearing this huge rail hop to drop.

Tom Dugan Odyssey Ad/Wallpaper

This is a print ad Odyssey ran in the 178th issue of the Ride UK magazine, that is now available in wallpaper version for you to download and set as your new desktop background. Featuring Tom Dugan going 540 at his backyard ramps.

Drew Hosselton Volume Bikes Ad

This is Volume Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Drew Hosselton that you can find in the fifth issue of the ART BMX magazine. This shot gets even better when you know this spot is located in front of a hair saloon.

New Soul BMX Cover, Issue 81

A pretty serious opposite 180 over the rail from Simone Barraco, during his Cuba adventure, got him on the cover of the 81st issue of the French based BMX magazine, Soul BMX. Photo shot by Hadrien Picard.

Charlie Crumlish S&M Bikes Ad

This is Charlie Crumlish’s welcome to the S&M Bikes print ad that you can find in the Ride BMX magazine spread over two pages. Technical combo from Crumlish, like always.

Cristian Porras Fit Ad

Fit’s Colombian rider Cristian Porras getting a wallride down for their latest Ride BMX print ad to promote the Tech grips.

Ride UK “London Calling” Cover + Trailers

Ride UK dropped a sneak peek of their new, issue 183 “London Calling” cover, where Dan Lacey gets this super rad curved double peg pulled. This issue comes with a free DVD, that includes sections from Federal Bikes, BSD, Verde and Wethepeople. Before you watch the actual DVD, check trailers for all four sections after the jump.
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Alex Platt Volume Bikes Wallpaper

Here is an opposite toothpick hangover grind down a rail from Alex Platt for Volume Bikes’ latest wallpaper, that you can now download and set for you new desktop background.

Jackson Ratima Stolen Ad

Jackson Ratima with a fence style wall-ride for Stolen’s latest print ad that you can seen in the 197th issue of Ride BMX magazine.