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Connor Lodes Demolition Print Ad

A really insane roller coaster grind from Demolition’s Connor Lodes to promote the Demolition X Markit seat. This print advert can be found in the 17th issue f the Albion magazine.

Fernando Laczko United Print Ad, Albion #17

Fernando Laczko getting a solid grind combo done in Malaga, Spain, while filming clips for his welcome to United team edit. The combo was later featured on a print ad that you can see in the 17th issue of The Albion magazine.

Christian Rigal Demolition Wallpaper

Are you looking for a new wallpaper to freshen up your desktop background? The looking and searching has ended, here is a fresh new Demolition wallpaper for all you guys out there featuring Christian Rigal.

Alex Magallan Sunday Bikes Print Ad

Alex Magallan with a high speed gap to wallride for Sunday Bikes’ latest print ad that you can find in the 183th issue of the Ride UK magazine. You can find this move pulled in the “Sunday Bikes Goes To New England” video.

Chris Courtenay Colony Web Advert

In a few weeks there will be a new Chirs Courtenay web edit out and to tease you all a little bit, Colony just dropped this web advert to show you a little something what to expect in the vid.

New The Albion Cover, Issue 17

The 17th issue of The Albion magazine is out now and to find what’s inside it before getting yourself a copy, hit their web site and check it out.

New BMX Rider Cover, Issue 9

Great can-can from Kriss Kyle, shot by Vince Perraud, that scored the cover of the ninth issue of the German based BMX magazine, BMX Rider. Find what’s inside the issue over on their web site.

Ralphy Ramos Animal Bikes “Welcome To The Team” Ad

Ralphy Ramos with a pretty damn wild over double peg grind for Animal Bikes’ welcome to the team print ad, that you can find in the 97th issue of the DIG magazine.

Animal Bikes: Ralphy Ramos 2013 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

13 BMX Cakes You Wish You Could Have

I always dreamt of having something BMX related on my birthday cake, but unfortunately it never happened, but hey, you never know what future brings. (I just gave you a hint what you need to bring on my birthday party next year, so start getting creative and bring out your imagination.)
A few weeks ago I typed “BMX Cake” in Google and I got tons and tons of hits showing awesome BMX related cakes. I can’t say all looked really good, but I am sure all tasted good as hell. I decided to threw together 13 different ones, so you could show them your parents and maybe you get something super rad for your next birthday. Hit the read more button and check out the gallery after the jump.
Um… now I got hungry.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 197

Opposite double peg grind to gap in Athens, Greece from Ben Lewis is what you will be seeing on the cover of the 197th issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Find out what is inside this issue over on their web site.