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Jared Washington Animal Bikes Ad

Solid up double peg to hard 180 barspin out from Jared Washington, shot by Rob Dolecki, for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad, that can be seen in the 96th issue of the DIG magazine.

Tony Neyer Verde Print Ad

Verde’s latest print ad from 181st issue of the Ride UK magazine featuring Tony Neyer with a sweet tooth hanger and the 2014 Radia complete bike.

Japanimal 2013 Photo Gallery 2

Animal Bikes’ Ben Lewis, Jeff Kocsis, Mark Gralla, Nigel Sylvester, Tom White and Tyrone Williams are currently on a trip in Japan, visiting shops and here is the second photo gallery, based on the second day, when they did two stops, one at Cave BMX and the other at Flourish BMX.

Alex Hiam Colony Ad

Alex Hiam with a proper indian superman seat grab on his new bike over at Millar’s backyard mini ramp/spine setup for Colony’s latest print ad.

Jason Enns Volume Bikes Ad

Jason Enns with a proper downside tailwhip for Volume Bikes’ latest print ad to promote his signature Cerberus frame.

Bengo Fit Ad

Spotted over at the 4Down Distribution web site, Bengo spinning his Fit Highs bars for the newest print advert.

Chase Dehart Dan’s Comp Ad

Chase Dehart with a smooth downside tailwhip for Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad, that is featured in the 97th issue of the DIG magazine, to promote some of the stuff from his sponsors, Cult, Etnies and Animal.

New Ride UK Cover, Issue 182

Ride UK dropped a sneak peek of their upcoming 182th issue cover. Vince Perraud and the BSD crew scored the cover with a simply and beautiful shop of the basic “trick”, bunnyhop.

Stevie Churchill Federal Ad

Federal’s newest print ad featuring the unreal Stevie Churchill. No crazy truck driver on it, just Stevie chilling on his bike.

Zac Miner Back Bone Ad

Zac Miner with a serious gap to double peg grind on this insane setup for Back Bone’s latest print ad, that is features in the new 2020 magazine. This is a really really mad move.