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Dillon Lloyd Macneil Ad

Dillon Lloyd with a monster move for his upcoming signature frame from Macneil, the Diller frame, which should be available in early spring. This print ad is featured in the 195 issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Glen Girbovan Stolen Ad

Massive barspin from Glen Girbovan for his first ever Stolen BMX print ad, to promote the Joint tire in brilliant blue colorway. You will be seeing this one in the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Jack Birtles United Ad

Jack Birtles with a dope toboggan over a rail for United’s latest print ad to promote the Dinero frame.

Jason Enns Volume Bikes Ad

Volume Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Jason Enns whipping the bike around for the Ride BMX magazine. This pic was taken on Demolition’s recent trip to Colorado and if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now.

Steven Hamilton Animal Bikes Albion 15 Ad

Steven Hamilton hopping over rail into a bank for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad, which is features in the 15th issue of The Albion magazine. I really like all these colorful ads from Animal, changing the black and gold ones.

Aaron Smith Demolition Print Ad

Aaron Smith with a pretty big toothpick hangover to promote his signature Demolition Live Fre Or Die Pivotal seat. This print ad can be find in the new issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

New Ride UK Cover, Issue 181

The quarter master, Sebastian Keep, covers the 181st issue of the Ride UK magazine and above is a sneak peek of the project Bas and Red Bull has been up to lately. The video will be dropping next week and if you look at this picture, you know it is going to be mad.

Kert Petersel Bone Deth / Zeal Distribution Ad

Kert Petersel with this dope over pedal grind for Bone Deth’s and Zeal Distribution’s newest print ad that can be found in The Albion magazine. Photo taken by Lee Hopkins.

New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 195

Jared Eberwein scored the cover for the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine with this proper 360, shot by Keith Mulligan. Find out what is inside this issue by check out their web site.

Troy Blair Fit Ad

Troy Blair is not your everyday rider, he does no jump 360s over stairs, no, he goes the opposite, rides up on the stairs and fires out a 360 on the top. And not just a set of stairs, El Torro. Here he is, on Fit’s newest print ad that you can find in The Albion magazine.