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Chase Dehart Animal Bikes Ad

Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that is running in the fall 2013 catalog from Dan’s Comp featuring Chase Dehart, Akimbo cranks, V3 sprocket and Big Script crewneck.

Subrosa’s Combat Lock Print Ad

Lock you bike, lock your camera bag, lock your luggage, or lock yourself, this is the new Subrosa print ad, featuring the Combat lock, that can lock everything.

Brian Foster Merritt Ad

Brian Foster with a dope toboggan at this bowl spot for Merritt’s latest print ad, promoting his signature bars that you can found in the DIG issue 96 magazine.

Lahsaan Kobza “Chula Stem” Shadow Conspiracy Ad

Shadow Conspiracy’s latest print advert featuring Lahsaan Kobza promoting his signature Chula top load stem with this one hell of a roof drop, shot by Spencer Lee.
“High rise for high drops!”– Lahsaan

Craig Stevens Profile Racing Ad

Craig Stevens going with style for Profile Racing’s newest print ad, promoting the Column 22mm cranks and the Galaxy 22m spline drive sprocket.

Animal Bikes 2013 Interbike Ad

Animal Bikes’ Interbike print ad featuring Tom White, Dave Becher, Steven Hamilton and Jared Washington, that can be found in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine. If you are heading over to Vegas for the show, Animal will be throwing down their own party at the hotel nearby, showing all their latest parts and prototypes. If you want to be part of it, contact at, or simply find Tyrone Williams and get all the details.

New Figure BMX Cover, Issue 7

Here is a look at the cover for the seventh issue of the French based BMX magazune, Figure BMX, that should be available around France by Thursday this week.

Morgan Long Dan’s Comp Advert

Morgan Long with a serious 180 for Dan’s Comp’s latest print advert for the October issue of the Ride BMX magazine. This thing looks super scary.

Alex Donnachie And David Grant BSD Ad

This is the all new BSD print advert featuring Alex Donnachie and David Grant, while cruising around Athens, that you can find in the 180th issue of the Ride UK magazine. Photo by Vince Perraud.

Brandon Van Dulken Colony Advert

This is the current Colony print advert that they are running in Focalpoint’s online issue featuring Brandon Van Dulken. The photo was taken during Brandon’s Australia visit at the Snakewoods trails in Queensland.