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Subrosa Silva II Limited Edition Frame, Via Emmitt

subrosa silva
You are looking at a very limited edition of the Subrosa Silva II frame that is being sold exclusively through the Emmitt BMX store in Melbourne Florida. This is Mark Mulville’s signature frame and since he lives in Florida and rides for Emmitt BMX it was about time they do some kind of a collaboration. This frame is available in trans black and comes in three different sizes, 20.5″, 20.75″ and 21″. No informations how many were there made, but if you dig it, act quick, because you know this version of the Subrosa Silva II will go fast.
If you will miss this chance to get yourself a limited frame and stand out from the crowd, it is still available in smoke black and chrome.

Lotek Spring / Summer 2014 Shoes Look Book

People over at Lotek Brand threw together this look book to show you their 2014 spring/summer collection of shoes they will have to offer. There you will find Garrett Reeves’ “Reeves” signature model, Mike Hoder’s “BTM” signature model, Craig Passero’s “Fader” signature model and Mike Aitken’s “Nightwolf” signature model. I saw a lot of canvas, I mean, A lot of canvas. I am not the biggest fan of canvas upper, especially when it comes to shoes for riding, the just rip so quickly, but it is Lotek we are talking about, so they know what they are doing. For cruising and chilling canvas upper is fine, but nothing can beat true leather shoe when it comes to riding.
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Kink Bikes 2014 Collection Catalogue

Guys over at Kink Bikes put together this sweet catalogue and put it on the world wide web for the whole world to see their 2014 collection. All the hard goods and all their complete bikes are in here along with their distributor list. Solace frame, Titan frame and Mudrunner frame, all three a little different, so you will definitely find something that will fit you best. Kink Bikes also made this new hidden-pivotal seat post system that right now works only with their Stealth seat or Standard pivotal seats. Their plastic pedals also look really nice and so do all the complete bikes they are offering this year.
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United 2014 Complete Bikes Line Catalogue

Like every brand out there who is offering complete bikes, United is trying to make the best possible bikes each year and here is their 2014 collection. They retire some of the completes, upgraded the existing ones and added a whole new signature line of complete bikes for Corey Martinez. From the Cinema X United collaboration bike, to Kye and Leo Forte’s and all in between, plus the Corey Martinez versions. They also did not forgot about all you little guys out there who are killing it on 18″ bikes – they have one for you to, so get stoked and excited.
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BSD Product Spring 2014 Catalog

Guys over the BSD threw together this product catalog to show you what there can be found in their spring 2014 line. Frames, bars, forks, stems, tiers, grips, hubs and much much other stuff. Their line of products got really big and you can have a lot to choose from and to make your bike look clean and fresh. Flip through the flip book above and if there is something you like, contact your local shop or favorite mail order and start spending your money. The line looks great and all the photos to keep the action going are worth checking out.
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Profile Racing – Mate Water Camo Products

Profile Racing dropped a shot over on their Instagram of their coming mate water camo products colorway. These things look really rad and Profile already made plenty of camo products and this is their newest creation. Get sicked.

Cult – Hand-Made Native Seats

CULTCREW / native seats from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

James Covington from Native Bikes did an amazing job for Cult with these custom and hand-made real leather seat, that are now available on Cult’s web store. If you would like to stand out and have a super rad seat, this is a great pick.
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Etnies X Fit X Ben Lewis Shoes

Just spotted this shoes up on Ben Lewis’ Instagram. These are a collaboration shoes between Fit, Etnies and Ben Lewis himself and are his signature colorway of the Rap CL shoe model. Now available at your local shops and your favorite mail orders, so give them a try now.

Mutiny Cinch 22mm Cranks Sneak Peek

Mutiny dropped a sneak peek to show you the 22mm version of the Cinch crank they are currently working on. They added the investment cast spindle boss that will help improve junction between arm and spindle boss. They also made the arms a little bit fatter, what makes them much stronger and perfect for those popular crank arm grinds. You can find more details up on Mutiny site.

Stereo Bikes – Rasta Frame Promo

Here is a quick look at the new rasta frame from the people over at the Stereo Bikes. If you are into colors, then this frame could be perfect for you. More info on this beast up on their web site.
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