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Merritt Plastic Pedal Sneak Peek

Here you have a sneak peek of the plastic pedals Merritt is currently working on. No more info on these yet, but as you can see from the picture, this will be a pretty “solid” and strong pedal. More soon.

Eclat Vent Sprocket Guard Preview

At Eclat’s Interbike 2013 booth they have the new and upcoming Vent sprocket guard, that uses the popular three spoke shape design. If you are cruising around the bike show, make sure you visit them and check this piece in person. All I can say is that it looks really smooth.

Dan’s Comp 2013 Fall Catalog

The 2013 Fall catalog from Dan’s Comp is now online and if you want to see all the new products from your favorite brands, you should check it out now. It is Trey Jones who scored the cover and along with the catalog drop you can also read a quick interview Ride made with him.

Merritt Multi Tool Sneak Peek

Merritt dropped a sneak peek up on their Instagram to show you these closeups of their upcoming Multi Tool. This is a really clean and simple design and will store only the main things you need when on the road, or at your local skatepark.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX

Like I sad, the next few days will be pretty much all about Interbike 2013 and new products from all the brands that are on the market. Ride BMX present you short videos from brands like Subrosa, Stolen, United, Revenge Industries, S&M Bikes, Kink and Fit Bikes to show you all kind of different products they brought to the show. From Christian Rigal’s signature frame from United, to Simone Barraco’s new Noster frame and everything in between.
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Fiend JJ Palmere Signature Frame

Get all the informations you need to know about JJ Palmere’s signature frame from Fiend. This avocado green colorway is looking pretty much amazing, but it will also came in ED black, for all you (including myself), who are not really a color persons. Oh, and that logo in the front, just fits perfectly to the color.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX

FlyBikes at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Fly Bikes
The Interbike 2013 is on and the world wide web will be full of videos and photos showing you all the new stuff from all your favorite brands. Here are video from Vital BMX showing you guys new frames, sprockets, bars, cranks, forks, hub guards, hubs and other goodies from Fly Bikes, Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, Profile Racing, DK, Stolen and Kink. Hit read more and check out all the vids.
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The WTP Smuggler Seat Preview

A quick little preview of the new and upcoming Wethepeople Smuggler seat, that should be available in October this year. At first this seat looks like a normal pivotal seat, but it is not. It has a hidden pocket in the back, where you will get 5 and 6 mm allen key with 8 mm adaptor. Along with the seat, they also want to show you the new pivotal seat post with an 17 mm socket at the end. With the seat and seat post you can pretty much build up your whole bike.
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2014 Sunday Soundwave Special Complete Bike Promo

The 2014 Sunday Bikes Soundwave Special complete bike is very hot. It “is like a custom build just without the high price tag.” This is pretty much a Sunday and Odyssey build with Chase Hawk’s signature tires. Find all the details in the promo above.

Harry Main’s Signature Snafu Grips Sneak Peek

Harry Main posted up on his Instagram a photo of his signature grips from Snafu. Harry sad these are soft and thin, so if you like this kind of grips, these could be the one for you. Available before Christmas.