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Subrosa Noster 2 Frame Available In April 2014

Simone Barraco’s signature Subrosa Noster frame got some changes and will now come out as the Noster version 2 frame, that will be available in April 2014. The frame will be made for technical riding, but it will also be strong enough to hold all your big drops and gaps. For a better front wheel control it will feature a 75.5° headtube, which is slightly steeper than the previous model. The frame will have smaller dropouts, so you won’t need to worry about bending your frame. One more very important thing that this frame will also feature, it will come in a brakeless version only option, so that means it will look very clean and smooth. Stay tuned for more news.

The Eclat Unify Seat

The Eclat Unify seat is a seat and seat post combo with alloy inner core providing the strength with injected plastic around it to form an incredibly strong one piece post and seat base. here is a short video showing you the details and if you would like to know more about it, visit Unify’s product page.
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Subrosa DTT TTwo Four Frames And Forks Available Now

Subrosa’s DTT TTwo Four 24″ cruiser frames and forks are available worldwide now. Built yourself a super fun machine and take it to a cruise at your local racing track, skatepark or to the streets. Have fun.
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New Subrosa Turbo Front Wheel

Check out the all new Subrosa Turbo front wheel that features a Subrosa Turbo rim, Subrosa straight 14 gauge stainless steel spokes and a Subrosa Posi-Trac 3/4″ front hub. This wheel set will be available in four color options, black, polished, 69K gold and red fade. Expect these available somewhere around March 2014.

Kink CST Forks Are Available Now

The new CST forks from Kink are available now. The weight of this fork with top cap is 33.9oz and they come in black and chrome color options. CST forks feature a 28mm offset (for better front wheel control) and standard 3/8″ (10mm) dropouts. Made from 100% 4130 chromoly with tapered fork legs with internal butting, this fork features a 6mm investment cast dropouts and flush inner droput/leg junction for hub guard clearance.

KHE – The Crisman Freecoaster

Bruce Crisman and KHE have been working on the best possible freecoaster hub over the past seven years and Bruce is now honored to call this hub the Crisman freecoaster hub. BMX scene is all about freecoasters lately and if you are looking to buy yourself one, this one could be the one. Check out the promo and some Crisman action above and get more details on the KHE Bikes site.
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New Eclat Apparel

Eclat has all bunch of new apparel goodies ready for you guys to rock them on. T-shirts, tank tops, zipper hoodies, hats and beanies, just enough to find something the will suit you best. Go and check all these products out.

S&M Bikes W.T.F. Frame And Fork

It has been a while since the first mention of S&M Bikes’ W.T.F. frame and fork kit and now they announced the price ($399), so if you are in search for a new frame and new forks and you like light stuff, this can be just perfect for you. Think about it.

KHE Bruce Crisman Signature Freecoaster

Bruce Crisman’s signature KHE freecoaster hub, the first ever KHE freecoaster that has an option of switching clutch and driver to making in a left hand drive. Get stoked, freecoasters are getting extremely popular these days.

Odyssey Quartet Hubs And Guards Available Now

Odyssey’s Quartet hubs and hub guards are available now, so contact your local shop and favorite mail order if you want one or a pair. Each hub can be paired with its matching hub guard (have this in mind).
Make your way over to the Odyssey web site if you would like to know all specifications that come along these products.