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Profile Racing – Post Production Polishing

Profile Racing made an article up on their web site about how they hand polish a stem. You heard it right, if people need them, they hand polish each and every stem, so take a peek how they do it.

Fiend JJ Palmere Frame And New Cranks Coming Soon

JJ Palmere’s signature Fiend frame and their new 2 piece cranks will be available in just a couple of weeks, so stay tuned, save the money and get ready for these two to drop at your local shop, or favorite mail order.

Kink Samurai Grips Available Now

The all new Kink Samurai grips are available now at your local shop or favorite mail order. These grips are made in the USA by ODI and are 150mm long, so just perfect to fit any kind of bar you ride.

Cult Complete Bikes Catalog

Check out Cult complete bikes, from those for little guys, 12 inchers and 16 inchers, to all the rest for the “bigger” guys and a limited edition Cult x The Simpsons Duff complete bike.
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Total BMX Product Catalogue 2014

Total BMX released a 2014 product catalogue to show you all the new stuff, frames, bars, forks, other parts and softgoods they are/will be offering. You can pick between Mark Webb’, Kyle Baldock’s, Alex Coleborn’s and Kyle Blake’s signature models frames and Mark also has his signature bars.

Premium – Chad Kerley Promoting His Signature CK Forks

This was already released once, but was taken down and look it is back on once again. Chad Kerley is here for you to talk about his signature CK forks from Premium and also gives them to test on this ledge pulling a nice little nose manual to barspin. These forks are street forks, with small offset for better nose manuals, wider clearance to fit your fat tires and feature investment cast dropouts. They will be available in black, gold and silver and shoud be available in December 2013.
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GSport – Pleg 2 Promo With Broc Raiford

The second version of the popular Pleg plastic peg from GSport got completely redesigned and is made out of a 7075 aluminum core with a plastic sleeve. These pegs are now out and ready for you and your bike to take them to rails and ledges like Broc Raiford did in the above promotional video.
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S&M Cymbal Hub Guards Out Now

S&M’S American-made 4130 4Q baked steel hub guards, the Cymbals, are in stock now. You can choose between three different versions, the drive side Cymbal, the rear Cymbal or the front Cymbal. Rear come in 14mm and front in 3/8″ and in two different color options, black or silver. They all have a low profile shape and fit universally, they come with adjustment washers.

Subrosa “Day Of The Dead” T-Shirt Pre-Release

Subrosa is bringing back the Day Of The Dead T–shirt, which was first released back in 2006 and was also one of the first Subrosa T-shirt designs. This one will officially drop in the coming weeks, but for a limited time, you can get it yourself and a sticker pack via their web store.

Animal Bikes Product Catalog Volume 1

Animal Bikes just dropped a product catalog, that shows you all the hard goods and soft good for the 2013/2014 line. Take a good luck a the new spokes, Mike Hoder signature chain and all the rest of the goodies.