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Kink Bandanas Now Available

I am sure plenty of you shredders out there were waiting for the new Kink Bandanas to drop, well it is your lucky day, because these are now available and ready for you to rock them.

Interbike 2013 By ESPN

A recap from the Interbike 2013, made by ESPN’S Aaron Nardi. Aaron takes you inside the show and gives you a quick look what brands like Shadow Conspiracy, Cult, Eastern Bikes, Sunday Bikes, S&M Bikes and other have to offer. I am still really siked about the whole Cult and The Simpsons collaboration.

Quintin Co – The Great Outdoors Collections

New Quintin Co collection, The Great Outdoors collection is now available and ready to keep you warm in the cooler days that are coming with Fall. Above and below is a quick preview and you can find more up on their web site and their web store.

Eclat BMX At Interbike 2013

Cruise over to Eclat BMX’S Facebook page to check out photos of the new products they had over at the Interbike 2013. Seats, hubs, hub guards, stems, pedals, forks and sprockets, all up there. Slowly you will be able to build yourself up a custom complete bike all in this rad oil slick colorway.

Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX – Part 3

Federal at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Now lets get inside some of your favorite brands that were showing some of their new products at the Interbike 2013, produced by Vital BMX. So, above and after the jump you will find short product videos from Federal, Demolition, Odyssey, Sunday Bikes, Snafu, Cult, Merritt, Failure, Deluxe, VP Components, Primo, Tree, Redline and Mutant. I was really looking forward to see what Mutant has in store and they came out with a few really sweet products/designs.
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Markit Flick Glove Sneak Peek

This is the first look at Markit’s all new Flick gloves, that shold be dropping at stores and mail orders by the end of October. These gloves are for extra sweaty hands with no extra padding and straps, what makes them clean and simple. Get a better look at them over on Markit.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 2

Fly Bikes
The second batch of product videos from the Interbike 2013 from Ride BMX is here and it includes new parts and products from Fly Bikes, Deluxe, Bone Deth, Fairdale, ODI and Merritt. A lot of new stuff will be there on the market in the coming months, from new Devon Smillie Fuego line from Fly, to all the new goodies from Merritt, ODI, Bone Deth and the rest of the brands. Watch more videos afterthe jump.
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Kink BMX At Interbike 2013 – Day Two

Kink released the day two video from the Interbike 2013 where Jay Roe is talking a little about their coming web videos and the new Youtube channel and Matt Antes about Lloyd Wright’s signature Right tire, that should be available in 2014.
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The Eclat Maverick Cranks With A Sean Burns Test

Eclat is presenting you Chester Blacksmith and Sean Burns talking and testing the new and coming Burns signature aluminum Maverick cranks. No welds, 22 mm and 48 spline drive makes this a very strong cranks and Sean Burns’ also demonstrates how he is usually testing cranks at the end of the video.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX Part 2

Volume at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Volume Bikes
Here is more from this year’s Interbike show, brought to you by Vital BMX. Find out what is new in store from Volume Bikes, S&M Bikes, Diamondback, Stranger, Hyper and Eastern Bikes after the jump and start saving money for all the new cool stuff you will buy for your bike. I am really looking forward to see the big fat S&M Bikes Mainline tire in person, because this thing is monstrous.
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