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Sasha Melnicov Edit

????????? ????????? – ???? ????? … from kingsbikesnet on Vimeo.

Sasha Melnicov from Ukraine sending over his latest creation filmed at this pretty fun indoor setup. Sasha’s riding is pretty technical and he does some fine things in here. Isn’t this the spot where riders usually rider with dust mask? I am not 100% sure, but I think it is.
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Two Friends Spent One Day In Malaga

Two friends one day in Malaga. from on Vimeo.

New video from the Fisure BMX guys featuring Quique Rico and Andres Garcia having plenty of fun over the course of one day in Malaga, Spain. malaga has so much good spots to offer and these are just a few. Hit play, cause this one includes tons of goodness.
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The Kore Store

The Kore Store from Tom Camby on Vimeo.

Robbo recently opened the Kore Store in Loughborough, UK and the is the first video of many to come this year. It is basically a look at what Robbo and friend did with the shop, a look inside it and some sweet BMX and skateboarding clips. I am really loving this style of videos, because they are “a little different.” Filmed and edited by Tom Cambridge.

Villa Edit #2

Pretty much everything coming from Barcelona, Spain grabs my attention and the new street piece made by Diego “Mono” Navarro is no different. So much familiar faces in here and so much good riding. You better start pressing the play button people.
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Tadros Eyob Welcome To BMX Gallery 4130

Tadros Eyob- Welcome To The Team from BmxGallery4130 on Vimeo.

Tadros Eyob is the newest represent of the BMX Gallery 4130 team and here is his official introduction. Short and sweet and solid welcome to the team edit with nice mix of street and skatepark riding.
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Joe Simon – Grow Backwards

Grow backwards. from Story & Heart on Vimeo.

Story and Heart dropped this really cool video feature featuring the one and only Joe Simon. Joe talks about riding bike and how a cop was surprised they weren’t just young kids shredding their bikes in the middle of the night, but actually grown men. You are doing it for fun, let it be BMX or anything else you do in your life. Don’t pressure yourself to much, cause you know the saying, The less you give a fvck the happier you will be.
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Tim Guentner Leftovers

Three minutes of leftover footage from Tim Guentner hittinh up various skateparks and killing every single one of them. Tim’s riding is pretty technical and he also did some creative stuff in here for your viewing pleasure. With leftovers as good as these one are, you know how good the rider actually is.
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Eclat’s Sean Burns And The Insane Gap To Manual

Do you still remember that insane gap to manual on a tiny little rail from Eclat’s Natives series featuring Sean Burns? I know you do, well here here is now the filming process how it went before it got pulled. First an icepick, then a crash and later pulled perfectly.
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Vans Europe – Martin Capek “Last Chance”

Martin Capek Last Chance from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Unfortunately Vans Czech Republic rider, Martin Capek, had an injury last summer, but when fully recovered, he spent the whole fall hitting trails spots and managed to film this beast of an edit.
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Picture Box – Bonus Beats Vol 3, Benelux

Picture Box – Bonus Beats Vol 3 – Benelux from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Proper dropped a collection of footage from spots around Holland, France and Belgium that first appeared on their Picture BMX DVD from back in 2010. Riding from Gavin Shortall, Shaun Jinks, Dan Figg, Alex Platt and Mike Miller.
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