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Blunted Athletics – Chandler Park Short Clip

Blunted Athletics crew, Matt Closon, Lahsaan Kobza and Shane Cecil, drove to Chandler concrete skatepark before the lights turned off for a session. All three went solid in here, but we can all agree that Shane Cecil’s riding is pretty much the highlight in here. All those pegs stuff he did are freaking awesome. The quality is not the best, buu who cares about quality these days? It is the riding what matters and there is plenty of good riding here. When you are done watching head over to Blunted Athletics web site and check if the have something good for you. I am quite sure they have.
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Grant Castelluzzo And Mike Hinkes 2014 Split Video

Grant Castelluzzo and Mike Hinkes have been working on this 2014 split edit over the past few months in Baton Rogue, New Orleans, Michigan and Milwaukee. It looks like Grant is the bigger brother, but I think age-wise it would be completely opposite. Over the past months the have collected many ridiculously good clips. Most of them are super technical and there is a lot of grinding stuff in here. You know when there is Grant Castelluzzo there will sure be at least one wild smith grind combo and there is and not only one. Both killed it really hard to got check them in action now, you might get new ideas for tricks.
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Kenneth Tencio At Daniel Dhers’ Action Sports Compound

This is one of the first looks at Daniel Dhers’ new and simply incredible Action Sports Compound by Vital, featuring Kenneth Tencio. This Costa Rican park machine is seriously insane. The whole indoor and outdoor ramp facility is madness, but when you release Kenneth Tencio from chains, he will make everything look even better. This skatepark is really massive and it has pretty much everything you want. You sure will not be bored over there. Kenneth did not rode every single object in this video, but all those he did, he completely destroyed them. I really wish there would be some slow motions in here, because all those combos… damn. Hit the play button now and be amazed, be really amazed.
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Adam Kun Is The Newest Kunstform International Rider

Hungary based flatland rider Adam Kun just got added to the Kunstform BMX shop from Stuttgart, Germany and this is his welcome to the team edit. It is really no secret that Adam is one of the best flatland riders in the world at the moment. His riding skills are way above the average and he is capable of pulling just everything. Thanks for the slow motion clips in here, I was able to see what he is actually pulling. Everything goes so fast and I am quite sure there are stuff in here you haven’t seen before. I am no flatland expert, but this new Adam Kun web video is really, really heavy. You better start watching it now, no matter what kind of style you are into. This one is for all.
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Nathan Williams 2014 Video For Monster Energy

The new web video of Nathan Williams he filmed as his 2014 video for his energy drink sponsor, Monster Energy, is ridiculously good. If you are already a big Nathan fan, after watching this video you will be an even bigger one. So much technical stuff in here. So much opposite stuff in here. So much scary stuff in here. You name it, this one has you covered. Nathan Williams really did an incredible job with filming all these clips. It is really hard to pick the favorite clip from the video, because there are so many. Many the feeble grind down the rail with a drop on the other side? Maybe the icepick down the rail to 180 out? I can not really decide, so I will just say that the whole video is my favorite clip. Go hit play now and go wild.
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Matthias Dandois Went Very Street-ish In Malaga

On a recent trip to Malaga, Spain Matthias Dandois managed to film this new web video for Xtreme and it came out way better than expected. We all know how creative Matthias can be and his flatland and street style of riding is simply amazing. But this new web edit is something a little different, something more street-ish. Dandois put his pegs to a pretty good use in here, but not only for his flatland combos, also for grinds. He cleared a nice double peg down a rail over a decent set of stairs and pulled a couple sweet feeble combos. There is also a pretty damn serious 360 of stairs in here, that I wasn’t expecting.
It is just a matter of time when we will be seeing Matthias Dandois pulling truck drivers. His half cab tailwhips are already pretty perfect.
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Anthony Perrin Welcome To Vans EMEA Team

Vans started flowing French street assassin Anthony Perrin back in 2012 and they knew from the beginning that this kid will progress and will make a name in the industry for himself. He sure did and over the years we saw plenty of incredible stuff from Anthony and now they are welcoming him to the EMEA team. From now on Anthony Perrin will be part of Vans’ European team and this his is official introduction. His welcome to the team edit is just as amazing as any other of his web videos. Super technical and super smooth with a really amazing style of riding. Anthony is killing is so freaking hard and I always get stoked when a new web edit from him drops on the world wide web. Kid is just good and he never disappoints. watch out for this kid in the future. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more madness from him. Hit play now and enjoy this beauty.
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Sean Ricany Going Crazy Technical For 2014 Primo Promo

This new Sean Ricany 2014 promotional edit for Primo will literally blow you away, since it includes a good amount on really insane riding. I don’t exactly know how old Sean is, but he is still a young gun and he is killing it so freaking hard on a BMX bike. Earlier we saw Chad Kerley’s new edit for Primo, which was madness and now this. Sean Ricany is a technical wizard who is no stranger to go big and pulling stuff you usually do not see pulled. Now whee to start. A quick nose manual to barspin down a ledge? Up double peg grind gap toothpick grind? Those are two of many of super mad moves. And then the banger… Toothpick to over icepick to barspin out on a rail down stairs. This is just nuts and you will do crime if you do not watch Ricany killing it right now.
Filmed by Miles Rogoish, Ty Morrow, Aaron Brenner and Tony Ennis. Edited by Miles Rogoish and Aaron Brenner.
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Chad Kerley – 2014 Markit Denim Promo Edit

Chad Kerley’s signature CK jeans from Markit Denim are back in stock and what a better way to announce the fresh release than with an insane promo edit. I must admit, I really thought this one will be a little easier, but we all know Chad, he just can not go easy. Maybe it is easy for him, but it is far from easy for all the rest of us immortals. Two minutes of Chad Kerley madness just for you and when you are done watching, head over to Markit web site, use code CKALLDAY and score yourself free shipping.
Now back to the video, this is technical as shit. It really is and that is what CK’s riding is all about. The up double peg grind on that small rail to tailwhip out straight into a hop over rail and drop truck driver. Or the double peg to hard 180 to fakie tailwhip over a set of stairs. Oh, and that nose manual line on that ridiculously high ledge. I could continue highlighting every single trick combos in here, because every single one deserves it. But I will stop and try not ruining everything for you. Hit play and see this madness for yourself.
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Matej Zan “The Burgler” By Evolution BMX

I remember the days when I first met Matej Zan from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and I instantly knew that this kid is the future of Slovenian scene. Now, a few years later (one or two, I do not remember exactly) I am watching his latest web edit and I just got blown away. Matej Zan progressed so freaking much in such a short time and he is only 15 (or maybe 16). I do not care about that years, but this kid is incredibly amazing. Since I took it a little easier this past winter I haven’t seen much Matej so I did not know what to expect in his latest web piece. I really got surprised with how much skills he actually has and how technical his riding is. Did I mention already that this kid is the future of Slovenia BMX scene? I did and I could say this for at least a million more times.
I will not say what are the tricks he pulled in here, I will let you get blown away, just like I was. And still am. Now lets together press the play button again and watch the madness for one more time. I tell you, Matej Zan could be your next favorite rider when you get to the end of his “The Burgler” video from Evolution BMX.
Filmed and edited by Maks Bernard, filmed over the winter 2013/2014 at the Urban Roof indoor skatepark in Ljubljana.
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