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Harry Main Calling The Shots For Kyle Baldock

Um… I really do not know where to start with this one. Kyle Baldock is just insane and when you know one of England’s finest park riders, Harry Main, is calling shots for him, things will go really, REALLY, insane. And they did. Kyle and Harry met up at the GC Compound indoor skatepark to film for the latest episode of the Clocking On series. Since Harry is still taking it a bit slow, Kyle Baldock was the guy doing all the incredible stunts. It is almost un-human how good this kid is. From the first to the last trick, expect that bunnyhop over the fence, every single one is mental. And by mental, I seriously think Mental. Oh and since Kyle Baldock does not know how to get a truck driver to footjam to barspin in done, he called Chance Brejnakowski to pull it for him. Is that even legal? To call someone to pull trick for you in the middle of calling the shots? Well, lets say it is. Seat back, relax and enjoy this madness.
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Luc Legrand Animal Bikes 2014 Web Edit

ANIMAL – Luc Legrand 2014 from frenchys on Vimeo.

The one and only, the street assassin, the French Animal Bikes rider through Frenchys Distribution, Luc Legrand is back with a new street web edit. You can never really go wrong with any of Luc stuff and this new piece he filmed as his 2014 web edit for the brand is pure goodness. From really creative stuff to some seriously insane moves. Just like that last gap to icepick grind, that was freaking mental. I do not know what they was thinking when picking up the song, but still, in some way it fits good with his style. You will definitely be not disappointed after watching this Luc Legrand madness and there is a huge chance it will make you watch it for at least one more time if not even more. Enough with the words now, hit play and enjoy the video ad be amazed.
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Nick Seabasty LFS Section

Nick Seabasty LFS Section from LFS on Vimeo.

I think it is safe to say that Nick Seabasty style of riding can be easily compared to Chase Dehart’s style and if you think I am wrong, share your opinions in the comments section below. To prove it I am no wrong here is his section from the LFS DVD from back in 2013 that is full of good, awesome and steezy stuff. Nick Seabasty is a street killer and nothing is stopping him, not even two flat tires at a time. A few crashes and attempts for the intro, followed by really solid riding. There is also plenty of technical lines in here, so if you haven’t seen this section yet, you must definitely check it out now. Good stuff.
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Matthias Dandois – 5 For 5 Video Interview

Fat Tony just dropped this cool video interview with Paris, France based flatland rider, the rider with constant smile on his face, Matthias Dandois. The questions and the riding fit together just perfectly, so you will definitely enjoy it watching. Matthias Dandois talk about his favorite spot for parties (yes, it is Paris, becuase he knows all the girls there!), he tells you who would be the one Haro team mate he would have on his side if he got into fight. Matthias also talks about chicken, fish, good story from the “Antipodes” Australia trip and more. Oh and I also really need to mention his first tattoo that now says “Kock n’Roll.” I hope you managed to guessed it by yourself what the original version of it was, but unfortunately he crashed and some of the tattoo got away. He can still fix it if he wants, but since he doesn’t care, I am assuming it will stay like that till the rest of his life.
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Logan Martin Welcome To FIST Handwear

We have already seen a lot of Logan Martin stuff on the world wide web, so we all know what a sick rider he is. This is a very short, but very damn serious welcome to the team edit welcoming him to the Fist Handwear squad. This tattooed Australian park machine can go really technical with his riding, but on the other hand he can nail down some seriously insane stuff. He is also no stranger to pulling several mad stunts in just one run. These Australians are all insane and there are so many. So much amazing riders is Down Under that it is getting ridiculous from time to time. But hey, the scene must be constantly growing and this is what is important. Now hit play above and see what Logan Martin managed to film for his welcome to the team edit. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee you.
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Simon Tabron Welcome To Haro

Simon Tabron – Welcome to Haro from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Simon Tabron, one of the best vert riders in the world, had an amazing career already and it looks like he is far from being any near to stopping and retiring. He was recently added to the Haro team and this is his welcome to the team edit. Simon is a veteran that can boost some insane airs and can throw super wild combos in the air. Just enjoy.
Edit made by Justin Kosman.
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Fly Bikes – Matt Roe Signature Line

Matt Roe – Signature line. from Flybikes on Vimeo.

The style and the creativity from Matt Roe sure deserves as much shine as possible and Fly Bikes offering him a signature line is something he deserves 100%. Fly will be offering Roe’s signature tripod seat and stem along with a few other products to make your bike go with style. To promote the stuff here are two minutes of smooth and stylish footage you do not want to miss on this sunny Sunday.
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Coppin’ It Sweet – Clint Millar Section

Clint Millar’s COPPIN” IT SWEET DVD PART from Stewart Munro on Vimeo.

Coppin’ It Sweet is a full length video from Australia based filmer Stewart Munro and this the Clint Millar section he put on the world wide web for your viewing pleasure. Everyone one knows the legend Clint and everyone know how much skills he has. And How technical he can get to be exact.
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Matt Nordstrom Killing Pflugerville Skatepark

Matt Nordstrom at Pflugerville Skatepark – More BMX Videos

Young Matt Nordstrom, who is a proud represent of Fit and Odyssey, recently hit up his local skatepark, The Pflugerville skatepark, and did some amazing stuff over there. This young shredder can go really technical with his riding and already progressed to freaking much. Check it.
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Merritt X 5050 BMX – Brad Simms In Paris

Brad Simms in Paris – Merritt & 5050bmx from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

The waiting has ended. Before heading over to Tallinn, Estonia for the best contest in the year, Simple Session, Merritt’s and 5050 BMX’s Brad Simms spent some time in Paris, France. While enjoying the French life he teamed up with Sebastien Prot and filmed this amazing web video. Stop doing what you are doing right now, take five minutes and check out this piece. Enjoy it like I did – every single second of it.
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