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Fly Bikes – Matt Roe Signature Line

Matt Roe – Signature line. from Flybikes on Vimeo.

The style and the creativity from Matt Roe sure deserves as much shine as possible and Fly Bikes offering him a signature line is something he deserves 100%. Fly will be offering Roe’s signature tripod seat and stem along with a few other products to make your bike go with style. To promote the stuff here are two minutes of smooth and stylish footage you do not want to miss on this sunny Sunday.
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Coppin’ It Sweet – Clint Millar Section

Clint Millar’s COPPIN” IT SWEET DVD PART from Stewart Munro on Vimeo.

Coppin’ It Sweet is a full length video from Australia based filmer Stewart Munro and this the Clint Millar section he put on the world wide web for your viewing pleasure. Everyone one knows the legend Clint and everyone know how much skills he has. And How technical he can get to be exact.
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Matt Nordstrom Killing Pflugerville Skatepark

Matt Nordstrom at Pflugerville Skatepark – More BMX Videos

Young Matt Nordstrom, who is a proud represent of Fit and Odyssey, recently hit up his local skatepark, The Pflugerville skatepark, and did some amazing stuff over there. This young shredder can go really technical with his riding and already progressed to freaking much. Check it.
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Merritt X 5050 BMX – Brad Simms In Paris

Brad Simms in Paris – Merritt & 5050bmx from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

The waiting has ended. Before heading over to Tallinn, Estonia for the best contest in the year, Simple Session, Merritt’s and 5050 BMX’s Brad Simms spent some time in Paris, France. While enjoying the French life he teamed up with Sebastien Prot and filmed this amazing web video. Stop doing what you are doing right now, take five minutes and check out this piece. Enjoy it like I did – every single second of it.
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BSD – Chaz Mailey At Unit 23

It is style, it is red bike, it is red bike, it is BSD’s own Chaz Mailey going crazy smooth at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark. If you need a those of clean riding with some very original lines, you better start watching this madness. So damn good.
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.
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Declan Brooks – Never A Dull Moment

By now you probably all heard for Declan Brooks, right? If you haven’t you must really watch this new web video of his, because it is bananas. This UK park machine is unreal. He can go extremely high, but on the other hand, he can go super technical. There is a really good mix of both in here, so hit play and see this kid going nuts.
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Lahsaan Kobza In Phoenix, 2014

Lahsaan Kobza has been living in Phoenix, Arizona for a while now and he is a proud represent of brands like Vans, Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy and Blunted Athletics. This new web edit he was recently working on with Greg Moliterno for The Come Up is straight fire. From ridiculously good and smooth style to plenty of insane stuff. It is a always a treat to watch Lahsaan ride, so get stoked and hit play button right the freaking now. Seen on TCU.
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Jakub Benda, 15, Edit

Jakub Benda from Adamos on Vimeo.

15 year old Jakub Benda from Czech Republic is one serious shredder and this new web edit of his is a proof I am no wrong. He is riding BMX bike for nine years now and he progressed a freaking lot. I am always stoked seeing edits like this popping in my inbox. Enjoy.
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A Day In Paris With Brad Simms

A day with BRAD SIMMS in Paris from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

Brad Simms is one of not many BMX riders, maybe the only single one, who pretty much travelled the whole world and recently he was in Paris, France filming stuff for a new web edit that should drop very soon. On the last day of filming Hadrien Picard took out the camera, asked him a few questions and also shot a few shots and here it is. Can not wait to see the final product online.
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Colony – Shuhei Max Azuma 10 Clips

Shuhei Max Azuma – 10 Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Colony’s Japan rider, Shuhei Max Azuma, recently filmed 10 clips at his local concrete skatepark for the new installment in the 10 Clips web series from Colony. Shuhei has tons of style and plenty of skills and makes things look smooth and clean.
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