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Top 5 Mellon 7’s Interviews of 2011

The year of 2012 has already started and we at Mellon decided to take a look over all the Mellon 7’s interviews and pick top 5. We check which get the most views and here is the list:

1. Tom Dugan
2. Trey Jones
3. Dakota Roche
4. Steven Hamilton
5. Simone Barraco

We would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and all the best in 2012.
Our plans for 2012 are:
– still posting all the news from around the globe of all your favorite riders,
– making interviews and bike checks with pro riders,
– doing giveaways,
– hosting photo and video contests.

Mellon 7’s: Tom Dugan

We got the quickest and shortest interview for Mellon 7’s ever made. After the jump you can read Tom Dugan’s 7 answers. It will take you only a second.
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Mellon 7’s: Shawn Mcintosh

For this week’s quick Mellon 7’s interview we got Fit, Coalition and Goods BMX rider Shawn Mcintosh. Short but sweet. Check it out after the jump.
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Mellon 7’s: Ryan Sher

This week is Ryan Sher’s week on Mellon BMX. First we had a bike check with him, with some brand new products from Subrosa and Shadow, so if you missed it click here. And now here is his Mellon 7’s interview talking about the best spot, worst injury, his opinion about BMX community and more. Read it after the jump.
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Mellon 7’s: Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton is next in our Mellon 7’s interviews. Having an opportunity to interview Steven is big, and so was getting interviews with every single rider that already has interview on the site. I also need to thank Nick for sending the interview. So please read more and get the answers about the best place, worst injury, opinion about BMX community and more. Enjoy.
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Mellon 7’s: Pat Wang

It’s been a while since our last Mellon 7’s interview, but thanks to Nick Benson for hooking us up with Pat Wang’s interview. Click read more and read this quickie.
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Mellon 7’s: Justin Inman

We got another Mellon 7’s interview for you guys. This time it is Fitbikeco, Goods and Odyssey rider Justin Inman. It’s a real quickie so it won’t take you much time. Read it after the jump.
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Mellon 7’s: Chester Blacksmith

Here is Thursday and another interview for Mellon 7’s. This time we got Chester Blacksmith who is currently on a 10 Pack East Coast summer tour. Read more to find out what was Chester’s worst injury, what he thinks about BMX community and more.
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Mellon 7’s: Matty Long

Volume, Demolition, OSS and Lotek flow rider Matty Long answered on our 7 questions. Read more and find out a couple things of him and if you missed his latest video check it over here because it’s a must see.
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Mellon 7’s: Kenny Horton

FBM, Peg Leg and Voice Parts rider Kenny Horton is the latest one for our mellon 7’s interview. Read more and take a really quick read and find out what was Kenny’s worst injury, his “yo mama” joke and more.
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