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Mellon 7’s: Paddy Gross

I met Paddy Gross last year in Bucharest, Romania and must say that he’s a really great person. I asked him if he can write down a quick answers on this question for me and here they are.
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Mellon 7’s: Leo Forte

Here is a new interview that we managed to get. In this mellon 7’s interview read about Leo Forte, what are his sponsors, his worst injury, best place to ride and more.
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Mellon 7’s: Alexandre Valentino

Another week another interview. For this week’s mellon 7’s we got United, Vans, Sunex, Primo, MarieJade and GreenFilms rider Alex Valentino. Read more and find 7 Q&A with Alex.
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Mellon 7’s: Ashley Charles

Photo by Daniel Benson

It is Thursday and it is time for mellon 7’s. This time I got answers from UK shredder Ashley Charles. Read more and find out what Ashely has to say.
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Mellon 7’s: Trey Jones

Sorry guys I am one day late, but better late than never. It’s time for mellon 7’s and this time we have 7 answers from Trey Jones. He smashed his face pretty bad recently so we wish him all the best and if you didn’t watch his welcome to the pro Shadow team video yet, do it right now. Read more to check his answers.
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Mellon 7’s: Mike Brennan

Our new mellon 7’s interview is here. This time we have Animal and We The People rider Mike Brennan who was kind enough to answer this short 7 questions. Read more and get the answers.
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Mellon 7’s: Vinnie Sammon

It is time for another interview. For this week’s 7’s we have got Animal, Dans Comp and Skavenger rider Vinnie Sammon. Click read more to get the interview.
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Mellon 7’s: Simone Barraco

Another week another interview. This week we have talked to Simone Barraco and here are his answers on our 7 questions. Read more to get them.
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Mellon 7’s: Dakota Roche

We just started a new intriguing section of our site called 7’s. We will be interviewing pro riders from around the globe and the first on our list is Dakota Roche. Click read more to read the interview.
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