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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Ghost Feeble

There was that one day when I was having some fun with feeble grinds, learning new combinations and stuff, and one try I somehow missed the back peg and land with tire on the ledge and of course crashed like crazy. I started thinking, damn this would be a pretty cool trick. I learned it and didn’t actually knew what is the real name for this trick. Than this how to came out with Garrett Reeves and with it also the name for the trick, Ghost Feeble. You sure won’t hear a thing when you will grind, unless you crash. Here it is now, the new installment in the Tricktionary Friday. Enjoy.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Half Cab

For this week we went back to the basics of BMX riding. This time we are going to show you how a half cab (fakie 180) looks like and gave you one of many trick combinations of it. Tricks out of a half cab are pretty popular lately, so go out, master it and I am sure you will have tons of fun. Guest clip from Rok Langus.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Luc-e

Yep, we know, it’s has been a while since our last episode of Tricktionary Friday dropped, but we are now back with a fresh one for you guys. This one was actually made by request, so here it is, the Luc-e grind and one combo at the end. Go out, learn the trick and have fun with, there are million possibilities with it. Enjoy.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Opposite Smith Grind

We are back with another installment in our Tricktionary Friday, this time we are doing it the opposite way. Watch Rok Krivec above showing you how an opposite smith grind should look like at this perfect white flat ledges, located somewhere in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Un-Luc-E Grind

Since time is flying by so quick and tons of stuff is going on all the time, we skipped last week’s Tricktionary and are back with a new installment for this week. We didn’t knew if the weather will be working out during filming, so we headed to local indoor skatepark where Rok Krivec filmed the Un-Luc-E grind for our “Tricktionary Friday”. This grind is so much fun and you can link it in with tons of other stuff, so go out learn it and have fun with it.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Toboggan

Here it is guys, another installment in our Tricktionary Friday. The weather pretty much sucks all the time over here so we waited till today to get some dry weather and time for this to film and here it is, the Toboggan and one variation of it at the end. Hope you like it and tell your friends about it.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Nollie

Friday is here and so is our Tricktionary Friday where we try to show you guys how tricks look from different angles. If bonnyhop is one of the first tricks you need to learn starting BMX riding, nollie is not. It is completely opposite of bunnyhop, so here, Rok Krivec, tries to show you guys how it looks and gives you an example how this trick can be mixed with others.
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Mellon BMX Friday Tricktionary – Smith Grind

It is this time of the week again when we got new installment in our Tricktionary Friday for all you guys out there. For this week Rok Krivec will show you how a smith grind is done and give you one idea what you can do out of it.
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[Sticky] Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Manual

It is that time of the week again when we have a new episode of our “Trciktionary Friday” ready for you guys. If we went to the basics last week we decided to do no exception for this week. Rok Krivec is demonstrating how a manual should be done along with one manual line to end the clip. Enjoy.

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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Bunny Hop

For this week’s Tricktionary Friday we are taking it back to the basics of this sport and are bringing you the Bunny Hop. Nothing better than a good pop over a rail you find on the way to the local skatepark. Rok Krivec also demonstrates that you can go over a rail not only in the straight direction.
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