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Cory Nastazio Off Haro

Big new from Cory Nastazio, he decided to no longer ride for his long time sponsor Haro in the 2014. No idea where Cory is heading next and what will be his next bike sponsor. Stay tuned.

Yoni Cadenas Video Bike Check

Check out what Yoni Cadenas is currently riding along with serious of really good street clips for a good measure, making this a very enjoyable video bike check from Fisure BMX. Yoni has style and I like watching him wearing a helmet, even if jumping over sets of stairs, or grinding rails.
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How To 180 And 360 Bunnyhop With Morgan Long

If you are just getting yourself into a cycling sport called BMX Morgan Long is here with you to teach you how to pull 180s and 360s and gives you all the tips you need to know. 180s and 360s are basic and you can use them pretty much everywhere you want.
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Kings Rideshop – Coachella Valley

Kings Rideshop team riders David Aleman, Israel Green, Josh Alderete and Steven Mack hitting a bunch of really awesome street spots around Coachella Valley for the first web edit from this area. Israel’s long backwards manual with a freecoaster was freaking sick.
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LTD – Cory Clarke Edit

A good minute of Cory Clarke hitting streets, backyard ramps and skateparks. Cory has this dope and solid style of riding, but is also no stranger to flairs. A little different with editing, but just the right amount of everything.
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Jamie Lusted Bike Check

This week 4Down Distribution did a bike check with The Source shop rider Jamie Lusted aka Wildcat at The Source’s backyard ramps. Head over there to check Wildcat’s green United Voyage machine. This color is pretty rad.

Jackson Ratima Bike Check

Jackson Ratima has a bike check up on QBMX showing you guys his Stolen Legion setup, with all the closeup shots and parts list. That is one dialed street machine.

Cult Classic Goods – Spring Look Commercial

Yinka Soda filmed and edited this really cool commercial to show you the spring range of the Cult Classic Goods. BMX riding, partying and lifestyle shots. That’s what I’m talking about.

Steady Bustin’

Harry Trevitt filmed and edited this new mixtape edit with the Frankston crew. It features riding from Lee Mans, Bo Wilson, Veg, Harry Trevitt himself, Michael “McDippy” Donald, Josh Aldridge and Rene Mans and has some fine stuff in it. The huge gap over the rails at the end is no joke.
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Day Edit At Rampage

There are a few really good riders around the Rampage Skateshop area, who are constantly destroying those indoor and outdoor ramp setup. Watch Paul Barnum, Glen Trowell, Phil Scharn and more shredding and pulling some good stuff.