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Chad Kerley – 2014 Markit Denim Promo Edit

Chad Kerley’s signature CK jeans from Markit Denim are back in stock and what a better way to announce the fresh release than with an insane promo edit. I must admit, I really thought this one will be a little easier, but we all know Chad, he just can not go easy. Maybe it is easy for him, but it is far from easy for all the rest of us immortals. Two minutes of Chad Kerley madness just for you and when you are done watching, head over to Markit web site, use code CKALLDAY and score yourself free shipping.
Now back to the video, this is technical as shit. It really is and that is what CK’s riding is all about. The up double peg grind on that small rail to tailwhip out straight into a hop over rail and drop truck driver. Or the double peg to hard 180 to fakie tailwhip over a set of stairs. Oh, and that nose manual line on that ridiculously high ledge. I could continue highlighting every single trick combos in here, because every single one deserves it. But I will stop and try not ruining everything for you. Hit play and see this madness for yourself.

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