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Chad Kerley Video Interview

Probably one of the best Chad Kerley video interview. Get to know Chad better and get some really amazing tech riding.

“Chad Kerley is a BMX rider through and through. From his start on the race track, Kerley knew he was built to ride and that was all he wanted to do from the earliest of days — he started when he was four! Eventually, Kerley found his way into a skatepark and started riding ramps — the race track was officially left in the dirt. With the help of fellow former racer, Dennis Enarson was able to help Kerley transition into the world of freestyle BMX. Kerley is pro for Nike and considers himself a street rider that can seek out spots in the “outside world” without being stuck inside a skatepark, and with his technical skills it makes perfect sense. Get know your favorite BMX pro with the help of the Alli Show!”Alli.



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