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Chad Kerley Vitamiwater Invitational Results & Photos

Chad Kerley’s Vitaminwater Invitational went down yesterdays at Brian Kachinsky’s The Bakery and all you who watched live stream know already that it was one of the best street contests and maybe even the best contest of the year. Riders were pulling insane tricks but there was definitely one who stood out. Read more, get the results and than click here to check photos.

Obstacle 1 (red/blue rails):
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Alex Kennedy
3rd- Rob Wise
Obstacle 2 (green rail & box):
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Stevie Churchill
3rd- Sean Sexton
Obstacle 3 (the island):
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Rob Wise
3rd- Stevie Churchill
Obstacle 4 (new railhop, winner takes all):
Stevie Churchill
Overall Rider of the Day:
Garrett Reynolds



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