Chase Dehart Off Cinema

OK, I did not expected this one. Chase Dehart has left Cinema Wheel Co due to joining his dream brand, Animal Bikes. Today was a pretty tough day in the BMX world.
“We are sad to announce that Chase Dehart has left Cinema for a spot on the Animal team (on good terms). It was a tough decision for Chase, but it’s been a dream of his to ride for the iconic Jersey brand since he started riding. Everyone at Cinema would like to thank Chase for all his hard work on trips and for being part of the OG Cinema team that formed in 2010. Chase’s positive and humble attitude always reminds us that BMX is still fun. Best of luck to Chase with everything in the future and it was an honor for him to be a part of our crew. Hop whips all day…”– Will Stroud, Cinema TM & Filmer



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