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CJ Romero Edit

“I rode with Liquor Bikes team rider CJ Romero, aka Cactus Jack, the first time I visited San Marcos, Texas, but didn’t see him ride much at all. He just filmed his friend Big Lou on his flipcam. When I left, I got a hold of the Liquor Bikes “Get Some” DVD and was amazed by his section, all big rail moves done with a super calm look on his face. Afterwards, I dug deeper and checked out his section from Trend’s “2001” video by Joe Simon. CJ has a full section at age 17 doing some of the earliest (if not the first) pegless tricks down real street rails. He’s come a long way and chills more than he rides, but he turned it on again for this edit and I couldn’t be more psyched on it. Also there’s two bro clips of his friend Shea Hord.”– Charlie Crumlish, ESPN.



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