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Cody Krueger 2012 Street Edit

Cody Krueger is the guy behind the lens, but here he is shredding streets of Connecticut. The 360 drop at the end is serious. Cody had a really horrible car accident a couple of months ago and is lucky that he made it through. Red below to find out more.
“A couple months ago Cody Krueger, my best friend, was in a severe car accident. He suffered two broken femurs, a lacerated liver, and a broken arm among other injuries. Cody was lucky to make it out alive. We had been filming this video during the summer of 2012 and slowed down as school started. Most clips were filmed in a month period around Connecticut. Cody is slowly, but surely, recovering. He can pedal around his bike again and should have the clear to really start riding towards the end of January. Cody is normally the man behind the lens, but this video gives him the spotlight for once. Cody had such talent on his bike, a silent shredder, and when he is back he is going to kill it even more than he did. Riding without Cody hasn’t been the same, which is why the amount of videos I have been putting out has declined. All this being said, I urge you to BLOW THIS VIDEO UP. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Snapchat, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK, SHARE THIS VIDEO. Cody is going to need some motivation to ride again so this comments section better be blowing up. Show some love to the man’s Twitter and Instagram too, @Cody_Krueger. We miss you dude.”– Adam LZ



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