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Cody Sinkhorn “We Love You” Memorial Edit

Cody Sinkhorn recently passed away and his friends remembered him with putting together this “We Love You” memorial edit. I didn’t know Cody but this is definitely bad news for BMX community. Rest in peace.

“It’s very rare in bmx that a rider you look up to for style and new tricks is one of your best freinds, on the deck with you at all times. Myself along with several other riders have been lucky to have that in our lives. Cody Sinkhorn is an amazing person on and off the bike. He always pushed me to go higher or show me a new line at the park, we even learned backflips together on the same night. This motivation was present off the bike with the continued pursuit of furthering his education, constantly improving his house, and being the best husband possible to his wife, Margie. You could really tell the two were meant for eachother, I saw this everytime the three of us got in the car together and set out on the road in search of new ramps and skateparks across the country. With a little Sinkhorn on the way, you are gaurenteed to see a future bmxer boy or girl! Margie you will always be a part of the bmx family, call on us whenever you need. Cody, I know your already getting started on that big dirt line in the sky, I’ll bring my shovel bro.”



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