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Colony Anyway Plastic Pegs

The production of plastic pegs continues. The next in the world of plastic is Colony with the Anyway plastic pegs which are now available in Australia and Canada (the rest of the world will have these available in September). The Anyway pegs feature an alloy core with a replaceable plastic sleeve and will grind pretty much everything, rails, ledges, wooden rails, rusty rails, rough ledges, you name it. Pegs are a little bit longer than normal pegs, so you will have no problems with pulling crooked grinds, top-side grinds or any other grind/stall stunt.
Also if you are a weight addict and you want to have your bike as light as possible (which I think is a pretty bad habit), you can run these pegs without sleeves, some of the Colony team riders are running them without pegs and they are holding great. But in this case I suggest you to ride them only in skateparks, you know how it is with alloy and rough ledges.



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