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Constant Motion

“CONSTANT MOTION… The idea behind the name is to always keep moving forwards… towards positive progression no matter what is going on around and also spending time with friends along the way.
I’ve known Erik Orgo (Eki) for around 3.5 years now and I remember the first day I filmed with him, he straight away stood out of the rest with his skill and passion for BMX. Eki’s progression is off the roof pretty much. Over the years since I’ve known him, his riding and passion has expanded quite a bit.
Spending time chilling, filming with riders such as Eki, also pushes me towards trying out new things and the way I make videos as well. He rides everything on such a high level and it’s absolutely remarkable. For me he is BMX in Estonia.
It took us almost 2 years to film/create/make this video. We have had the opportunity to travel to different cities across the country and explore the spots there, which were different from the ones that are in Tallinn. This gave us the opportunity to get new tricks filmed and make the video more richer than it would have been if we stayed only in one city. We even built up one spot over night to get one trick filmed.
One thing that amazes me is the level of commitment that Eki has. Hopefully the last part of the video will show you how much hard work has been put into this video by Eki. Hope you will enjoy this video and next year we will for sure make a new one, always moving forwards!”
– Dmitri Shushuyev



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