Corey Martinez Update

“Hello friends! I am on a trip right now with Aaron Ross, Nathan Williams, Sergio Layos, Tom Dugan, Tony Hamlin, and Walter Peringer. We started the trip off in Helsinki, Finland for the Summer Simpel Sessions contest. Nathan and I both made finals somehow. It was a good time riding with a bunch rad dudes on the course! Gary Young won and is my forever hero! Filming and shooting photos went somewhat good in Helsinki for us. We had a fare amount of late starts to days and got hit with a couple of afternoon showers. Overall we found some cool stuff to document riding. After four days in Helsinki we moved on to Tallinn, Estonia for another four full days of riding. Tallinn has been a little more productive for us, I think. Today is our last day and it’s raining so I’m not sure if we can finish the trip off with a bang or not? I would travel with this crew anytime, anywhere… Good times!”Corey



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