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Crucial BMX Motion Skatepark Jam 2013

CrucialBMX Motion Skatepark Jam 2013 from Scott@Crucialbmx on Vimeo.

“I hope that you enjoy this video of all the highlights from our CrucialBMX Motion Jam! The clips are not in any particular order, its just a mash up of all the awesome stuff that went down that day.
It features our own Team, the Amateur and the Professional competition riders.
I hope everyone that came along to watch or ride enjoyed the day, we will be doing another one very soon.
Shout out to Sam Wise for filming this all
We much appricate all the support everyone gives us
Here are the results of the day:
Amateur Competition –
1) George Batty
2) Brad Hill
3) Sam Jones
Professional Competition –
1) James Jones
2) Ryan Elcock
3) Del Shepherd
Highest Air Competition – James Jones”
– Scott, Crucial BMX



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