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Cult X Federal Tour Update

“Hawk got the duty free and ordered up some top shelf BLUE LABEL and when we landed everyone was required to take a shot at 8 am, the Scottish homies would be proud…Mad Jon Taylor scooped us up met up with the rest of the FEDERAL crew, Bas, Navaz, AK, Charlie Jobling, and Nathan Beddows…Crew was assembled and driving situations sorted, it’s fucking sunny in Scotland, we better get to Livingston skatepark for a quick session…I had not been back since a SEVENTIES tour a log time ago but the park was in all it’s glory, this place truly is amazing…The boys killed it and we started this tour off with a bang, nuff good vibes…We shredded till we were exhausted and headed to Aberdeen to get dialed in for the 20TWENTY signing and TRANSITION demo…What a awesome crew, more soon…”– Cult. Click for photos.



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