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Cult Juvenile Completes

Now this is just amazing, well even more than amazing. Cult will be offering Juveline complete bikes for the little shredders in sizes 12″ and 16″. Watch Max Vu above and Bryce Tyron below promoting those two completes.

“Here’s some info on the upcoming JUVENILE COMPLETE LINE that will be in stock very soon…With so many friends and family of CULT having babies, we took a hard look at the state of 12″, 16″ and 18″ inch completes and set out to design bikes kids could actually shred on…Working on the geometry, weight, aesthetic etc…We then tested the heck out of the bikes with Bryce Tryon on the 18″, Tucker on the 16″ and Max Vu on the 12″…These guys put the bikes through the paces and we are pleased with how they hold up.”



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