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Dan Foley – Dynamics

Dan Foley – Dynamics from Dan Foley on Vimeo.

This was a video project Dan Foley was working on for a sponsor he parted ways at the end of last year. Of course he did not want to throw all this amazing footage to garbage and decided to put out this “Dynamics” web video. Dan is a master of self-filmed and self-edited edits and this one is just another incredible proof. A few friends help him out with some of the clips in here, but overall it is all made by Dan Foley. The style, the tricks and the quality filming and editing – all fit together perfectly, like always. All the stuff you see above was filmed over the past fall and winter in Maryland, North Carolina, Japan and Texas. Do I even need to say anything else? Dan is the man and all the stuff he puts out is a treat to watch. Enjoy.

Dan Foley



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