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Daniel Wedemeijer – Backflip Over Amsterdamse Gracht & Framed Reactions Contest

Daniel Wedemeijer is the kind of person that always go big and always go all in. Watch this dude jumping and pulling a backflip and also a backflip turndown over the Amsterdam canal.
Red Bull is once again working with Nate Wessel to host another one-of-a-kind contests in Amsterdam, on June 8th, 2013, called Framed Reactions. They invited 16 best riders in the world, so you know this thing is going to be big. Red more and find out who are the riders.

Riders list:
Ryan Nyquist
Drew Bezanson
Gary Young
Daniel Sandoval
Harry Main
Michael Beran
Bas Keep
Ben Hennon
Daniel Wedemeijer
Kevin Peraza
Logan Martin
Daniel Dhers
Rob Darden
Ben Wallace
Morgan Wade
Ryan Taylor



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