Danny Hickerson Donation

Back in June Danny Hickerson fractured vertebrae but fortunately will not be needing a surgery. At the moment he is dealing with large bills, so Empire is taking donation to help him out.
“Danny received some great news recently regarding his back injury, and it looks like he’ll avoid surgery. however, his medical bills are piling up, and even with health insurance he needs our help. please donate and help a fellow rider with whatever you’re able to contribute
donations run through October, and we’ll also accept them in person at the shop (and at Texas Toast)
no shipping cost or sales tax will be applied to donations; the site will add them by default, but you’ll only pay for the amount of the donation; if you purchase any other items, applicable shipping cost and sales tax will apply to those items only
you can get creative with the total amount by adding one pick to the cart and then adjusting the quantity on the subsequent cart review page.”



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