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Del Shepherd Welcome To B.L. Industries

Welcome to the team Del Shepherd from Luke Morgan on Vimeo.

“Del Shepherd is the latest member of the B.L. Industries Bmx team. He’s going to be hooked up with one of our iDeal hubs as soon as the next batch is ready so we thought we should put together a little edit displaying his talents. The only problem with filming in mid winter is that all outdoor skateparks in the UK are cold, wet and dark 80% of the time. This made it very difficult especially as i have a full time job so can only film on certain days and they usually turn out to be raining. Despite the weather and strict time schedules we did manage to get 3 days worth of footage at 3 different parks in Bristol. Del is not only a sick rider that throws down huge, crazy tricks but he and his older brother Dan are real good guys and its always a pleasure filming and riding with them. Just take a look and see for yourself. Enjoy!”– Luke Morgan.



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